FIFA 18 Switch Edition Will Not Have These New Features Due To Needing The Frostbite Engine

FIFA 18 Switch Edition sounded like it would be close to the PS4/Xbox One versions but just not including the single player campaign “The Journey” but it looks like the lack of the Frostbite Engine will come with more lost features for the Switch version. The Career Mode in FIFA 18 has new features that make use of the Frostbite Engine which will make it impossible to be featured in the Switch version of FIFA 18. Here’s a list of what will most likely be missing in FIFA 18 on the Switch in Career Mode.

  • Release clauses
  • Sell on clauses
  • Contract bonuses
  • Interactive negotiations with other managers when signing a player
  • Videos and articles regarding new signings can be seen in the news section
  • Player of the month trophy presentation
  • Animated press conferences after winning a trophy

These are mostly cut-scenes in the career mode which as mentioned before, use the Frostbite Engine so it’s very unlikely these new features will make the final cut on the Switch.

Credit here for revealing these new features which includes much more that will most likely make its way to the Switch.

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