Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Early Player Reveals How Long The Game Is; Impressions Of The Game Also Revealed

A user on Reddit has managed to secure an early copy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and revealed some details about the game including how long it takes, along with impressions. The user also revealed some slight spoilers about the ending which we will not reveal in this post as we want to keep this specific post spoiler free.

The user revealed that it took under 7 hours to complete the game, 6 hours, 40 minutes to be a little more specific. The user explained that this was done by playing on hard mode, and that they also didn’t rush through the game either. Specifically saying “I did not rush at all. I even looked for treasures and explored the locations.”

Their overall thoughts of the game were posted throughout the Reddit thread, with the user saying that it’s not as good as Uncharted 4 but overall they enjoyed the game, and still felt like it was a full game just not as big as other Uncharted games. Regarding the duo of Nadine and Chole, the user said “Chloe and Nadine are still a great duo” and  “I hope we get to see more of them.” While also revealing that the game does contain the jokes and not so serious moments that the Uncharted series was known for.

Finally the user revealed that the story wasn’t as good as the previous Uncharted games, specifically saying “The story didn’t interest me as much as it did in the previous games” but the gameplay was just as good as ever as the user continued by saying “it was the gameplay that kept me motivated to keep playing and finish it in one sitting.”

Going off these impressions, it sounds like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be another solid entry into the series, albeit a slighter weaker entry compared to the other games but those were big main series releases, and this is still technically a DLC/expansion so it should be a must buy for all fans of Uncharted.

Source – Please be aware that some comments contain spoilers in that post.

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