Phil Spencer Says Xbox One X Support “Exceeded” Expectations; Comments On Crackdown 3 Delay

Phil Spencer took to Twitter to comment on the Xbox One X, Gamescom, and Crackdown 3’s delay. Phil said how partners have been “really supporting” of the Xbox One X, and that after looking at the list of games that will support the Xbox One X he thought it had “exceeded” what he thought he’d see.

He also confirmed that he personally will not be at Gamescom this year, but confirmed some news for the show as well, and that was that we should expect to hear about more games which will be supporting the Xbox One X. He specifically didn’t mention any games or how many games will be confirmed at Gamescom. He finally confirmed regarding Gamecom that more news on the plans will be coming soon.

Lastly Phil commented on the Crackdown 3 delay saying “It’s always disappointing to move a date” and added “We are very committed to shipping Crackdown 3 to the level of quality the fans deserve.”

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    This is the support that really counts Phil Spinster:


  2. DAMAGE CONTROL!This is the support that really counts Phil Spinster:


    • Except 90% of people mainly play multiplat games anyways…

      The only damage control that needs to be done is psn’s lack of backwards compatible titles.

      And useful features for that matter…

      PSN is just as boring as ever.

      I mean unless all you do is play single player games.. Sony’s exclusives hold no weight imo. At least the few exclusives that Xbox puts out…and is aiming to put out is multiplayer..which is where the fun is at..imo.

      To each their own.

      • Riiight! now that there arent any xbone exclusives, lets pretend they dont matter.

        Too bad 3rd party multiplayer games are superior to the xbone ones, so Xbone is totally irrelevant, specially since all ex-clusives are now on PC.

        Meanwhile the best single player experiences ARE on PS4!

        • Because they don’t. At least not as much as you drag them out to be…

          And yes because everyone has a PC at home that can play triple A titles at console and above level quality..

          You sound like a narrow-minded kid tbh.

          And third party games are just superior to most games in general.. No one is playing hzd over GTA… No one is playing Colossus** over the next destiny..

          Besides games.. I get a n heck lot more out of my Xbox through Xbox live than I did on PSN..

          I’m a multiplayer person…I look at Playstation and see a bland…boring console.. I look at Xbox and see a vibrant multiplayer experience’s much easier to meet new people and tackle on games/quest.. through stuff like lfg and clubs.

          • LOL your desperation is showing!

            There aren’t that many xbone sold to say there arent enough PC’s able to play those games.

            No one is playing ANY game more than Horizon! but, watching you use the best selling game and an unreleased game that IS NOT single player focused to try to make a case was hilarious.

            Using your personal (and unverifiable) experience as some kind of fact is petty and dumb.

            I dont care what you preffer, I dont care how you pretend to see playstation and xbox , no one ever asked you that and no one ever could prove that what you say its even true. Now, games, scores, sales those can be verified and PS4 kills xbone there. CASE CLOSED

          • Who’s desperation is showing? Lmao I’m just speaking for a sizable amount of players out there who don’t enjoy single player games…or are swayed my Sony’s single player exclusives..

            Not everyone is like you..

            And what does the games being multiplayer have to do with anything? Point is no one is playing most of these exclusives over multiplats..

            And you want to talk sales so bad.. then you only proved my point majority of gamers are buying multiplat games over exclusives… Which only shows how little exclusives actually matter realistically…

            Ps4 out sold and continued to out sell Xbox because of the crap launch Xbox had.. and it’s hardware inferiority to the PS4 that’s soley it… Exclusives played and play no part..besides just use for console flame wars..

            If you really bought a PS4 soley for the 4-5 actually good exclusives ps4 had over Xbox then that’s sad.

            And in only speak fact.. sure Sony has more ps4 games than Xbox that’s 100% fact.

            But Xbox live is still miles better service than PSN and that is 100% fact…and that was one of my biggest reasons for buying an Xbox and I’m sure most can agree…idc what reviews have to say about consoles this gen… They’ll only comment on what’s relevant…

            Didn’t PS4 just release info about it’s upcoming “big 5.0 update”

            Improved streaming, parental controls, and some vr and quick menu stuff….

            That’s sad.. mean while Xbox has original Xbox compat, new dashboard, updated avatars(that will hopefully bring back avatars games that we’re so well received) and a crap ton more..

            All this can be verified…

            And the fact that Xbox has “more games” in general than PS4 can be verified when you count it’s 300+ and still expanding 360 collection an soon to be OG Xbox collection..

            Old game or not..not everyone has played a lot of the older games..

          • You’re right, with 360 b/c and the coming OG xbox b/c games, the Xbox one has and will have far more games than the PS4.

            I never got to play many of the games on the 360 as well as the oh xbox as I had a PS2 then a PS3 after that. So I’m happy that I am now able to play most of those games that I missed.

            Backward compatibility is something that should be present in the next gen systems as it allows us to keep our older collection of games.

          • Of course! those who dont get great 2017 games HAVE to settle for old games!

            Don’t worry! M$ is making sure you have ample time to keep digging for old games! they sure wont distract you with anything new.

          • Maybe some of us like playing old games. Why dose it bother you so much?

          • Wow! you elevated this to wall texting!

            Hmpf! here we go:

            1st paragraph: who made you spokesman of that sizable amount of gamers?

            2nd paragraph: that is correct! nor like you!

            3rd paragraph: YES they are dummy! millions are! do you know how much a million is? its not one, few or some, its a LOT of people!

            4th paragraph: If you formulate your “facts” going only by sales, then they show how little gamers preffer xbox over PS4 cause its exclusives are so few and inferior, realistically…

            5th paragraph: DEAD WRONG! even the slightly more powerful xbones being sold at half the price, with BC and game pass is selling at an ALL TIME LOW! that shows how little you know!

            6th paragraph DEAD WONG!: there are more than 58 GREAT exclusives on ps4 over xbone! that only show how ignorant and bias you are!

            7th paragraph: Obviously!

            8Th paragraph: of course its not! but you are welcome to prove it!

            9 and 10th paragraph: yes

            11th: nothing of that compares to more and better NEW games! If you think that it does…THAT IS SAD!

            12th: you sure about it?

            13th: Do you even know how many games are on PSN and PS now? I would love you to try and come up with the number comparison of both system with their available old gen games! LOL

            14th: and no one will! but why would they if they can play NEW games? ah right! cause theres almost not NEW games to play there! LMAO thats the end game! IF you try to claim you bought a new system (at $500) to play old gen games you are a blatant liar! If you want more and superior NEW games, PS4 is superiro to xbone BY A MILE or in this years case, by more than 1000%!!!! can you even grasp that? more than TEN TIMES!

            but you can keep:

          • Xbox live has been miles ahead of sony since the beginning in terms of mp experience. Its 10x better… Your are correct thou, sonys biggest seller really is its exclusives, imo.

  3. Xbox one X isn’t worth $500 USD when it has No exclusives and you have to pay for online service … You build a gaming rig and play all Xbox one games & Multi plats so what’s going to wanna make people buy one ? PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro have Exclusives but allow some games to be streamed for $20 dollars a month on playstation now which works on the Pc

    • Lol, just bc you dont think its worth $500 doesnt mean it isnt. You cant even build a computer with those specs for that kind of money & its better then your average gaming pc too at $500. Its worth the 500 just for the parts it took to build it. 4k, thats why you buy one. System is ment for the hardcore gamers. Thats why there is also an xbox one s, bc lets face it… Most pry wont buy it just to have native 4k, assuming they even have a tv/monitor that supports it. But Its also supposed to make 1080p look even better (i hope to god people all have a 1080p featured tv by now) by the use of super sampling so incase you dont have a 4k monitor/tv you still a have a reason to buy one. Their are more reasons as im sure with amount of power the X possesses itll play smoother, load faster, etc etc… But more than anything, like i said, system is ment for the gaming elite who would like 4k. How big of a deal is that to the gaming world? Well, we will find out nov. 7th & the weeks, months following it.

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