Xbox’s GamesCom Free DLC Mixpot Revealed For Watching On Mixer

As you may or may not know, watching the Gamescom Xbox event via Mixer results in some free stuff being given to you (provided you linked your microsoft account to Mixer)

while it was already know earlier today it would only be free DLC things, we’ve now got to know the exact bonus everyone watching through Mixer will get in this “Mixpot”:

  •  T15 New Recruit Kit For World Of Tanks
  • Commanders Bonus Supply Drop for Battle Island’s Commanders
  • Custom War Paint For Halo Wars 2

While the E3’s free bonus was received kind of lackluster, this offering doesn’t seem like it will be wowing anyone


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  1. I got Rare Replay and a few other games. THe E3 bonus was fking fantastic fanBOY. WTF?

    • Agreed, the E3 Mixpot was fantastic, what’s this fool talking about?!

  2. a new tank…yussss

  3. well the e3 mixpot was a blast giving out rare replay and a bunch of other games for free for watching a stream ? not even playstation was doing this kind of thing rewarding ppl to watch their stream on an app on their console #4theXplayers 🙂
    wish they had a bunch more things in the gamescom mixpot 🙁

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