Rumor: Dying Light Developers Techland Could Be Revealing Their Next Game At Gamescom

It looks like it’s possible that the developers of Dying Light, Techland will reveal their next game at Gamescom. One of the biggest German streaming channels called “Rocketbeans TV” has released their Gamescom schedule for the week, and have an interview lined up with Techland with it being called “News From Techland” which will happen on the first day of Gamescom which is Tuesday.

It’s not known what they will be revealing, although they have recently revealed a new plan for Dying Light which will see the game supported for another full year. Could it be news about Dying Light 2? Could it be a different IP? Or will it just be nothing of note? Well all we can say is that Techland has some news, and they are sharing it on Tuesday at 3:30PM CEST.

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  1. I think i’ve gone to hyped though,I think it will be just for the DLC remember those Free DLC’s

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