Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Already Sold Out On Amazon

The Xbox One X Scorpio edition is already sold out on most Amazon site mirrors:


The French version still has it available, but that won’t last long.

I wouldn’t sit on pre-orderding this one for too long if you really wanted to get that special Project Scorpio Edition!

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  1. I was lucky enough to snag one as soon as they opened pre-orders. Freakin Major Nelson posted a broken link to the pre-order page in the Microsoft Store when they first went on sale. I was freaking out, I knew they would go fast. Found it on Amazon luckily.

    • Sure lucky one!

      To bad you only need to wait for it another 3 months! Lol as if waiting for anything for 9 straight months weren’t enough.

      But you keep your publishing agenda while you wait! Maybe you can eventually convince someone and get some discounts from MS right?RIGHT?

      • Why does it bother you so much that he’s happy that he was able to pre order his xbox?

        • Ah! you lack context, you don’t know who he is. He isn’t a happy custmoer celebrating its purchase, he is a troll on all sites spamming xbox propaganda and lies about ps4. He probably had that message prepared even before preorders went live.

  2. obvious ploy. didn’t sell enough to win November’s npd. can’t wait to see the scalpers making less than retail when this flops out

    • It’ll never ever get any where close to the PS, but the One X will probably be a reasonable seller for Xbox.

      • its a major L to go with all the rest they keep taking. giving the illusion they sold out when its just a limited day 1 edition. hope it causes ppl to not bother . they’re finished already and ps5 is on the way more great games. not some youtube fodder and early access

  3. Scorpio edition is a limited edition version of XB1X – of course it won’t be printed as much as the regular XB1X (which itself is already a premium edition version of the regular XB1S)

    But for comparison’s sake, our local chain store says they can only pre-order up to 10 per store (at least at this time) and 1 per customer – and it only took 90 minutes for all 10 slots to be filled out

  4. Not currently sold out on Uk amazon

    • Yes it is.

        • Lol..this is weird coz when I go onto my Amazon app it states not currently available for either version.

          • Scorpio edition is the only one available at the moment

          • It’s actually showing as unavailable for me now too, amazon pre orders will sometimes be available, unavailable, then available again up until the release. Might have something to do with people cancelling their preorders or something

  5. 32 years of gaming, I couldn’t care less which model I play PS4 and Xbox One games on. Apparently, the world is going mad for 4K and VR gaming, this being not the case. 4K and VR gaming has hit nowhere near mass scale. VR gaming will fizzle out soon, 4K gaming will obviously run into next gen. But £500 for an Xbox One X with a game, for that money, you’d expect an elite controller. The masses are not bothered about the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Each console boasting already 3 models is one big joke. How long for next gen? Maybe 3 years. This gen is a farce and only losers pay into it.

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