The Most Successful Online Games

The Most Successful Online Games

Of course, most of the things in this world are rated according to their worth in monetary terms. The online gaming sector of entertainment in the world has shifted from being only for fun and relaxation. It has turned into a very huge business and money spinning venture. So, any measurement of its success would have to be based on monetary terms. Many people are now investing in the online games and reaping benefits from it. However, there are some games that have been more successful than the others in the last few years.


League of Legends

Many people will close their eyes and tell you that the league of legends must be among the most successful games of the past 5 years, at least because of its popularity.  This game was launched in 2009, and since then it has been making waves. Coming from the stable of Riot Games, it is a free to play game, and this makes it even amazing. This game’s success crisscrosses the entire world. It has been more than five years since it was launched, but its player base keeps growing by the day. It recorded an active membership to the tune of 10 million per month in 2016, and grossed up to $1,800M.


This is one game in the list that many people will find very surprising. The reason for this is that it is a relatively unknown game in the United States of America. In fact, a few people play it in that country. However, it has been established that there are continents you must get to love your games if you must enjoy the type of success enjoyed by 188 bet casino at That continent is the Asian continent. Crossfire grossed $1,200M in 2015 because it has a massive player base in China and South Korea.

Dungeon Fighter

This game has a different name in Asia, and this is to tell you how it is appreciated there. While the original name is Dungeon Fighter, it is called Dungeon and Fighter in that continent. However, because it didn’t get many players in the west, the game was shut down by Nexon. But it kept grossing lovers in Asia. The level of popularity enjoyed by this game in China is amazing. The game enjoys up to 2 million concurrent players at any given time. It is a free play MMORPG, and one of the most popular games ever in that category. Its gross earnings in 2016 was $1,200M.

Dota 2

This game was launched in China, and within some time, it wrapped up to 1 million users. This is basically because of how the game was designed. It gave room for what is called the Steam Workshop. This allows different people to create contents like customized cosmetics, and make them available to the lovers of the game. When players are given the chance to buy and use different types of cosmetics from different creators, it makes the game more exciting. Here, players can buy their armor, weapons, hood, and even hairstyles as they wish for their chosen heroes. The online game grossed $238M in 2015. Its appearance here is based more on the popularity and not on revenue.

Counter Strike

This is another very successful game. Its internet community popularity is massive, and it is one of the best games in the first shooter franchise. The game presents the chance for people to choose between terrorism and the counter terrorism team. While at it, every team seeks to defeat and annihilate the other. This game comes from the Valve Corporations partnership with the Hidden Path Entertainment, and it came to the sites in 2012. It sold more than 12 million copies upon its arrival. This makes it one of the most purchased games.



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