The Xbox One Needs More Exclusives That Are Story Driven

Now when it comes story driven exclusives, it seems Xbox One doesn’t have the great exclusives that PlayStation 4 has. Now I have to admit that I do enjoy PS4 better because they do have better exclusives that are story driven, such as, Horizon Dawn Zero, The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Uncharted series just to name a few. I do find that it is sad that Xbox One doesn’t really have that many story driven exclusives. The only one that seems to stand out is Ori and the Blind Forest. Other than that, the exclusives that Xbox One has, doesn’t really compare to the number of the story driven exclusives that PS4 has.

The lack of story driven exclusives on Xbox is something that they need to work on especially with the Xbox One X coming out in November. With the most powerful console coming out, Xbox better has some amazing exclusives to go along with it, otherwise, I think that the console wouldn’t really live up to the expectations that they have for it. Now, of course, there is going to be Forza 7 and the Ori sequel that is coming to Xbox One X. Other than those two games coming out, there really isn’t that many, if any, exclusives, especially story driven ones, coming to Xbox One soon whereas with PS4, The Last of Us sequel, the Uncharted: Legacy, Detroit: Become Human is going to be some of the story based exclusives coming to PS4 soon; not to mention Horizon Zero Dawn being released earlier this year. Even Zelda: The Breath of the Wild seems to be more of a story driven exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Even though it sounds like I am trying to promote PS4 and make it sounds like they are the better console just because they do have more story driven exclusives; I’m not trying to discredit the story driven exclusives that Xbox One does have at the moment and any possible story driven exclusives that they are working on at the moment. I think that if Xbox One wants to get a good customer base like how PlayStation sees when it comes to exclusives, I think that Xbox One needs to listen to the fans and give the fans some more story driven exclusives that would want us to keep on coming back to Xbox over and over again. Plus even though I am an Xbox One person, I do have to agree that Xbox really seems to lack the story driven exclusives and the main reason why I do enjoy playing PS4 is because they do have some pretty good story driven exclusives. I am not saying that Xbox doesn’t have any good exclusives, which they do but they need to get a step on up on any story driven exclusives and make more of them.

Overall, the lack of the story driven exclusives for Xbox One needs to change. Hopefully as time goes on and within the next year or so, Xbox will listen to the fan base and give us some more story driven exclusives that are clearly being missed on the Xbox One and PS4 seemed to have learned about this years ago and giving the gamers what they are looking for as far as story goes.

Now, do you guys wish that Xbox One had more story driven exclusives like PS4 or are you happy with the exclusives that Xbox One already has now or in the works? It would be nice to have more story driven exclusives for Xbox One because it does seem old not having that many story exclusives on Xbox.

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  1. I totally agree with this article Xbox not only needs great story
    driven games but more 3rd party support as well from eastern devs.
    The 360 had plenty exclusives to play during its time compared to Xbox One. Phil is not delivering on the gaming front at all.

    • Agreed!!! my gaming friend. I think Xbox needs someone fresh from the games industry w/ real passion. . Love Phil Spencer but the man needs to realize how important 3rd party relations are in terms of exclusives right now he is against 3rd party deals.

      • Yes like I said he lacks that competitive nature that a leader should have against competition. Its like he is afraid to really go against Sony with exclusive deals and other investments. That is very worrying to me because that means he is going to allow Sony to get all the deals smh. He needs to be competitive because Xbox suffered greatly this year on the gaming front.

        • Agreed friend, really thought anthem should have been Xbox exclusive but now I’m skeptical.Think Spencer might have given up this gen is laying the foundation for the future. on the Next gen XBox console.There is like 3-4 years max left of this console generation I doubt we’ll see any new AAA IP from them, in mostly takes 1-2 years to develop those games. By this time the next consoles will be set to launch. I can see MS saving those new AAA games all for as,launch games while same time comes make XBox one X version….

          Every response from MS exec is just PR at the end of the day. Phil, Aaron and Shannon will say what the investors/Microsoft wants you to hear this goes for the competition as well. With Phil you just never know, he’ll spin or be honest, or make promises that might not be fulfilled.

          • True and that gamescon was a let down as well to much hot air blowing and nothing great revealed to create buzz at all smh. The best thing that happened for Xbox this year was the 1X but after the holidays Phil and the Xbox team better get it going far as exclusives are concerned or Xbox will not gain more market share.

          • Agreed friend, you know Gamescon was a let down because of Shannon Loft, four years into a console life cycle the XBox should be coming into its own, this isn’t good enough. Phil deserves most blame since he’s the head of the Xbox division. Sooner or later Shannon needs to be held accountable and call out, Shannon is the head of their first party studio efforts and nobody,says a thing about her.. There have been plenty of missteps since her reign over Microsoft Studios but you never see any criticism towards her.

            You may know Shannon, by her recent comments on the Crackdown 3 delay etc, well MS,gave her Phil’s old job in the XBox Division, she is the head of Microsoft Studios First party, Recore and Super Lucky Tales comes directly from her etc , along with other missteps like the lack of AAA games and more. One needs to ask Phil what does the TERM exclusive mean to Him??? Odds are it’s MOST LIKELY different from what Console gamers think.?

          • You are talking 100% facts this lady is not doing her job at all as head of first party and its getting worse every damn year with her as head. She needs to move to a better area in the division thats more suitable for her because she is clueless on what to do for Xbox first party studios which is very vital to the brand. Xbox is evolving everywhere but the gaming front and she is a big reason for that. Phil needs to either move or fire her if she keeps this up.

          • Unfortunately, friend, it seems Phil is satisfied with the job Shannon is doing. He talks about games but never gives any hard evidence that he is willing to commit to AAA exclusive unless they are Halo, Gears and Forza…Right now I’m not sure they want exclusive games.They are pushing more for cross play capabilities with PS4.

            MS term of exclusive means XBox & Windows 10, they care more about Windows 10.

          • Xbox needs a new Ninja Gaiden Jade Empire Shinobi Mech Assault Splinter Cell Dead to Rights Alan Wake and many more classic ips that can be made as sequel exclusives. Microsoft is sitting on Golden ips and isn’t doing anything to fix their exclusive output.

          • Phantom Dust, Re-Release also comes from Shannon Loftis etc, I wish Microsoft would transfer her to another division within the company but that will never happen. Peoples just say Thanks Phil! and leave it at that they never ask him the hard question like where is Fable 3??? Does he intend to replace Loin-head Studios.

            Someone needs to ask Phil is HALO 6 exclusive to XBOX? Will it come to Windows???

          • Phil is the person to blame for all of this lack of 1st party exclusives on Xbox and exclusive deals. He has the power to invest in more studios and create partnerships with various devs as well but he chooses to play nice guy with Sony while they continue to snatch games and deals from Xbox smdh.

          • Agreed friend, Phil is the head of XBox, I’m done with the “wait and see” from Him. With the X coming in November I’m in the” show me what you got” stage now. So I’m holding Phil’s foot to the fire from now on. Same time in his defense he has bosses too and they’re the ones that likely have the final word on anything establishing first party studios.

            I’d like to believe, Phil knows what needs to be done, I just don’t think he has the support from other people at Microsoft. I don’t think Microsoft believes in XBox as much as they did 10 years ago due to the XBox One sales and therefore they don’t want to make any large investments. Like opening a new studio, or creating new IP. it Honestly, it bothers me that MS is satisfied with how things are…

            When those First party games outside of Halo, Gears and Forza fail to sell ”Phil probably” has to answer to His Bosses at the end of the Day..

          • I give Phil credit for really improving the Xbox console the 4 yrs he has been head. He has really transformed Xbox hardware for the greater but gaming side has suffered. Maybe the higher ups are giving him a small budget to work with for the Xbox division and he had to choose between investing in new ips or hardware. If that is the case friend I feel bad for him that he is under constant pressure from corporate aholes that does not care about Xbox its possible.

  2. in a word can keep your quick time event exclusives and crappy jrpgs on the delay can keep you press xxxxxxxx here and bbbbbbbbb there games.i got titred of them when i was 10…lmao

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