Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Predictions September 2017

Like the Games with Gold predictions, we are going to be predicting backward compatibility games for Xbox. It’s going to be about 5 picks each month.

  1. Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2 is a psychological horror video game. It’s first person and focuses on melee combat which includes hand to hand combat, combat with melee weapons and first person shooting. Condemned 2 also has elements in the forensic investigation of crime scenes. Condemned 2 takes place almost a year after the first game and protagonist Ethan Thomas resigned from the FBI. He now finds himself homeless, violent, and an alcoholic. Ethan suffers from paranormal visions and his alcoholism manifests an antagonistic alter ego that taunts him during his hallucinations. Ethan is recruited back into the FBI and is partnered with his old partner Rosa. During the investigations, Ethan realizes that the Serial Killer X is still alive and that his uncle Malcolm has nursed him back to health only to be killed by the Serial Killer X. The killer also kills the mayor and kidnaps Director Farrell of the FBI. Ethan and Rosa figured out that a group called the Oro who can control humanity with sonic powers that come from metal implants. The killer learns about the Oro and wants to use their sonic ability and then begins to kill and dissect members to find out how to capture the power. The Oro have high ranking members of society including the mayor, Director Farrell and agent Dorland. Dorland and the SCU try to kill Ethan when he finds out their secret only to be saved by the Serial Killer X. Malcolm Vanhorn gives Ethan a tape that says his parents were members of Oro who defected and Ethan is the Remedy, the one who opposed the Oro and his vocal cords are capable of generating the sonic powers and can destroy flesh and bone. Because of that, people want Ethan dead.

2) Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II is an action role playing video game. It begins with a human who becomes Undead. In order to break the curse, the undead travels to the fallen kingdom of Drangleci and Emerald Herald directs them to obtain four Great Souls from powerful Old Ones. Then the undead is directed to the capital to seek the king where the player finds the Queen and the Queen tells the player the king fled his kingdom and wants the player to kill the king. When the player comes close to the end of the Queen’s quest, they end out that it was, in fact, the Queen and not the king who has ruined the kingdom. The player must find the king’s brother to find the Ashen Mist Heart. The player meets with the Emerald Herald a final time in which the Herald tells the player how to kill the Queen at the expense of his own life.

3) Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is a roleplaying game. It takes place in Cocoon, a fictional floating world, whose government is ordering a purge of civilians who made contact with the Pulse, which is the world below. Lightning, who is a former soldier, fights the government to save her sister from the purge. Lightning is joined by others who then become marked by the Pulse. They rally against the government while trying to discover their task and whether they can avoid being turned into monsters or crystals at the end. Final Fantasy XIII is the first part of the trilogy.

4) The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is based on the popular PC game. Unlike the PC version, the console is controlled by the controller.

5)Viva Piñata: Party Animal

Party Animal is framed as a game show with three or more race events where players earn candy.

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