Rise Of The Tomb Raider Dev Praises Xbox One X; Added Hardware Made Native 4K Possible

IGN sat down with Rich Briggs who is the senior brand director for Rise Of The Tomb Raider at Gamescom 2017 earlier today on their Day 1 live stream to talk more about Rise Of The Tomb Raider being patched for the Xbox One X to take advantage of the much more powerful hardware compared to the original Xbox One.

Rich confirmed that Nixxes was working with them again for the Xbox One X patch of Rise Of The Tomb Raider who he complemented by saying that they “phenomenal” and that they know how to “eat every ounce of power out of hardware”

When asked to discuss his thoughts on working with the Xbox One X, Rich said the development process was “great” and that although he didn’t want to call it “easy” because nothing is ever easy, he did say that it was a “painless process” and then Rich was asked if he found the Xbox One X hardware to be impressive to which he responded with “absolutely”

When asked to compare the Xbox One X version to PS4 Pro by saying “Is this going to be the best looking version” of the game? Rich responded with “We always try and make each release that we do, the best possible version that we can put out, and make it the new benchmark for what a Tomb Raider game is”

He continued by saying “With the addition of native 4K support, this is going to be the highest fidelity that we’ve been able to deliver in a Tomb Raider game.” Rich finished the interview by saying “with the Xbox One X, the added hardware means that we can deliver that fidelity” which to this point, they were unable to get native 4K before.

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  1. BOOM, the X just blew the Protato out of the water ???

    • Yep ?

  2. Where’s mr xrat now??? ????

    • Probably in a fetal position crying in a corner somewhere, lol.

    • He’s hiding like the rat he is 🙂

    • Laughing at you because it barely looks better despite a year’s extra wait time and 2TFs more!

      • ??????

  3. A week on and this PR is totally exposed. MS delivered and stinker and we’re all laughing!

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