Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review (PS4)

So here’s the final chapter in the story of Nathan (Nate) Drake. In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Nate Drake, Elena, and Victor (Sully) Sullivan return in this last adventure. Nate’s older brother Sam Drake makes an appearance and recruits Nate on this last job in order to save his life from the drug lord Hector Alcazar. The bad guy in this game is Rafe Adler who had known Nate and Sam since they were in a prison before many years prior. Also, Rafe has recruited Nadine Ross and her military type men to help him out find the treasure. Also, check out the other reviews in this series.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End--Sam and Nate

So the story is that years before the first Uncharted game, Sam and Nate were going after the treasure of Henry Avery. With the help of Rafe, they get into a Panamanian jail to look at the old jail cell of Avery’s in which Nate finds a hollowed St Dismas idol. Then the trio escape only and during the escape, Sam is killed by guards and Nate decides to drop the search for Avery. About 15 years later after this, Nate is working at a salvage yard and is retired from the treasure hunting business (Nate retired following the events of Uncharted: Drake’s Deception). One day, Sam shows up at Nate’s job. Of course, being surprised that his brother is alive, Sam tells Nate how he got out of prison with the help of Hector Alcazar and Alcazar wants in on Avery’s treasure and that if Sam doesn’t deliver it in 3 months, then he’s dead. So Nate decides to help Sam with this and lies to Elena about going to Malaysia on a salvage. Sully helps Sam and Nate get into this illegal auction to steal the real St. Dismas idol. It’s here where you see that Rafe and Nadine are also at the auction. Inside the idol, Sully, Nate, and Sam find a map to St. Dismas cathedral in Scotland. It’s here that Nate and Sam find a hidden temple which shows them the way to King’s Bay in Madagascar. Nadine confronts them in the temple and causes it to be destroyed.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End--Nadine, Rafe, Sully

Now at King’s Bay, Nate, Sam, and Sully figured out that Avery, Thomas Tew, and ten other pirate captains combined their treasures together to create Libertalia. Once returning to the hotel, Elena is there and is upset with Nate about not telling her about his trip. Elena leaves and Nate has Sully go after her. Then Sam and Nate head off towards Libertalia. It’s here that they found out there was some sort of civil war that had broken out. They found out about New Devon, a town which they think where the captains took the treasure. On their way there, Sam and Nate are confronted by Rafe who tells Nate that he was the one who got Sam out two years earlier and Alcazar had been dead for the past six months. Rafe shoots at Nate only to have Sam protect him and Nate falls from the cliff side. Elena rescues Nate and then Nate reveals his childhood in which he and Sam broke into a house where their deceased mother’s auctioned off items. The lady who owned it called the police and then realized who Sam and Nate are and before she has the chance to tell the police not to worry and it was a false alarm, the lady died due to poor health. Nate and Sam escape and they changed their last name to Drake to honor their mother and her theory about Sir Francis Drake.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End--Scotland

Elena and Nate reach New Devon which then they learn that Libertalia was destroyed over greed and that the captains were poisoned by Avery and Tew. Nate and Elena followed a secret passage to find Sam fighting off Nadine’s men. Now Sully joins Nate, Elena, and Sam and convinces Sam to leave the island but they get separated and Sam goes on towards Avery’s treasure. Nate follows after him. Nate then finds Avery’s ship and sees that Rafe and Nadine are there already. Sam steals a boat to get to the ship in which he sets off an alarm that starts a fire on the ship. Rafe, Nadine, and Nate get on the boat to which Nadine turns on Rafe and leaves the boat and Rafe and Nate sword fights and Rafe is killed and Nate rescues Sam and heads to Sully’s plane and the group disappears. It’s here that Elena and Nate go home while Sam and Sully team up for a new job. Once home, Elena buys the company that Nate works for and makes him the owner. Then they become successful artifact salvagers and years later, their teenage daughter, Cassie, finds their relics and they tell her their story of their adventures.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End--Nate and Elena

My Thoughts—This is probably by far one of the best stories in the series. To me, it’s a tie between the 3rd game and this game. The graphics are definitely better in this game, of course with each game the graphics only seemed to be getting better anyway. I noticed that the UI for this game is different from the previous games which I think is a better design. What’s also cool is how with A Thief’s End, there is tall grass and other things that make it easier to be stealthy and go for those kinds of kills instead of having to keep on fighting the mercenaries with guns. I found myself doing more of the stealthily way of killing the mercenaries in this game. I found it to be almost like an Assassin’s Creed feeling whenever I did the stealthy kills. I do enjoy the fact that you get to play as Sam for a chapter when he escapes with Hector Alcazar during his “fake breakout” and also as Cassie during the epilogue. Like always I enjoyed the characters and they only got better with each passing game. The Uncharted team did a job well done with the story, characters, and the gameplay of Uncharted 4. I find that they must have heard fans because I didn’t come across as much, if any, story gaps or bits of the story that made me want to know more about what happens, much like the previous games in the series which I did have a few questions about the story and/or the characters in the game. Overall, I feel like I had a better game playing experience with A Thief’s End. I do have to say that the puzzles in the game are actually quite fun plus being able to use a rope to swing from tree branches when you sliding down the hill or to get to the other side of the mountain because you can’t climb there.  I think that this is probably the best Uncharted game with Nathan Drake that there is. Though I enjoyed the first 3 Nate games, A Thief’s End is definitely a way to put an end to the legend of Nathan Drake. If I had to pick one Nathan Drake game this would be the game that I would tell others to play.

I give Uncharted: A Thief’s End a 10 out of 10

This game was reviewed on PS4. Uncharted: A Thief’s End can be bought from PlayStation here.

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