Top Players At The 2017’s League of Legends World Championship


The biggest stage of them all is here and the best teams have showcased their best players to battle it out for the ultimate title. The World’s Championship is a gem in the eSports world where only the best can make the list. With the summer split and playoffs, various players came off as being the best and that was the basis on which they managed to make it to the prestigious tournament. They include:

Kim Jong-in

With a great team comes a great player who will always stand out. Jong-in goes by his stage name PraY and plays for the Longzhu Gaming. During the summer, his team came on top to win the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) after beating SK Telecom T1. Behind this success was PraY who stood out from the rest of his teammates and thus the reason he is at the top of the list.

Lee Seong-jin

He brings out the best out of his team Samsung Galaxy. His teammates have not been that impressive over the summer split. In spite of this, Lee whose stage name is Cuvee has had to carry his team to the World. He ranks as the most valuable player in his team which places him at a better position to determine how well they perform moving forward. Find the latest e sport predictions from professional eSports analysts on the upcoming matches. Get all the free tips to help you decide on the best odds to go with.

Kim Dong-ha

Another player for Longzhu Gaming has made it to the list of qualifiers in the Worlds Championship. Dong-ha, nicknamed Khan, contributed a lot to his team winning in the summer split. He has some signature moves up his sleeves which helps his team stand out from the rest. In all the summer tournaments, he has been consistent and thus it will be difficult to stop him and his team in the coming tournament.

Lee Sang-hyeok

Although SK Telecom T1 was taken out by the Longzhu Gaming in the playoff finals of LCK, they did their best to try and salvage the title. Despite all this, Lee, whose stage name is Faker was at the top of his game. He is renowned for his prowess in making things happen even when his team is not performing well. Going into the World’s Championship as a player, you can expect him to present a serious challenge to other contesters in the title race.

Li Yuan-Hao

The star player, Xiaohu, from Royal Never Give Up team has every reason to be in this list. He was selected as the MVP in the summer split. He dominated the China’s domestic league to a point where he was able to propel his team to the second seed in the region. His dominance will again be put to test come the World’s Championship and his team will have to rely on him to deliver.


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