EA And 2K Sports Deserve A Lot Of Respect For Nintendo Switch Parity


I believe that the Nintendo Switch is definitely shaping up to be a big experience for third party developers. The keys have been given to two of the biggest third party developers to help drive the others forward on the system as well: 2K and EA. With FIFA 18 and WWE 2K18 showing great technical aspects comparatively to the PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, we can see that both development studios have taken the time these past few months to polish up the ports for the Switch, and the results are admirable.


With FIFA18 not using the Frostbite Engine,  many were already writing off the Switch as not worthwhile, especially with Battlefront 2 using the engine. However, that does not take away from what EA’s effort put forth into the game itself, creating a custom engine just for the game. The game runs at 1080p 60 fps both docked and in handheld mode. That in itself is a feat to admire, when many games have to reach a compromise to do 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps. The game also has most of the modes supported, including FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Local Seasons, and an exclusive mode for the Switch called “Kick Off” , effectively replacing the other console’s  “Story Mode”. I find it impressive that a lot of the content itself looks great and plays as well as it does, and makes me excited to pick up this version of the game.


WWE2K18 is a big game in itself as well. When 2K Sports first announced that they would be bringing the series back to the Nintendo systems, it induced so much hype that I haven’t experienced since the N64, and the best thing about it is being able to play portable or at home. The game sports the Creation Suite, as well as the biggest roster with all the characters from the other system’s ports, while also being able to maintain 1080p 60fps both docked and handheld as well. The only compromise that the game makes is having to run 6 players on screen instead of 8, which isn’t too big of a deal and can still allow for some intense gameplay.


Finally, details have come in about the Switch port of NBA 2K18;The version will run at 30 frames per second versus the Xbox One and PS4 versions which will run at 60 frames. However, that appears to be the only major difference;The Switch version will receive all the same modes as the PS4 version and Xbox One version, along with amiibo support. Its a give and take between both of the 2K Sports titles between features and performance, but it shows that the system can get some of the hottest third party games. It also shows that even the biggest developers can take the time out to research and develop their games for the platform and can exceed their expectations greatly. In this, the companies took the time to make sure that their games would stand on as much equal footing across all platforms, and I do believe that the games will sell well enough to prove that gamers want them to continue to develop in this way. But what do you guys think about EA and 2K’s efforts on the Nintendo Switch? Are there any games that you would like to see from the companies? What other games do you want developers to try their hands at for the system?

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