PlayStation Plus October 2017 Predictions

PlayStation Plus over the past few months has been offering some pretty amazing and critically acclaimed games. In just the past several months we have gotten games such as Infamous: Second Son, Tales From the Borderlands, Life is Strange, Killing Floor 2, Until Dawn, Just Cause 3 and more. As we have now seen the September lineup we should start thinking about what we might see on the service in October.

1. The Evil Within


What better way to kick off October than with The Evil Within from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. Created by the director of the earlier Resident Evil games, The Evil Within was loved by many when it released back in 2014 and gave us a creepy new horror game to love. The Evil Within 2 is also coming out in early October and it would be great to give those who missed out on this title a chance to see what this new horror franchise is all about.



If Evil Within doesn’t end up in the lineup how about another title that is a little less horror but has just as much creepy atmosphere going for it. Playdead’s Inside was the follow up to Limbo last year and it’s one of the highest rated games of this console generation. While the game isn’t lengthy what it manages to achieve in the short couple hours that it lasts is nothing short of remarkable. It was a game that I thought a lot about long after I finished it. I don’t know how well it sold but including it in the PlayStation Plus lineup would be great so more people could see why this game is so great.

3. Metro Redux


Metro Redux is a bundle package of both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light which are first person shooters set in Russia in a post apocalypse. You’ll use hand made weaponry as you traverse this wasteland battling mutants, humans and more. These games hold up well even today and are some of the most atmospheric games I’ve played. The third entry is on the way in 2018 so It would be a good time to make these titles available to a bigger audience to get them interested in the world.

4. Alien Isolation


Another good pick for the PlayStation Plus lineup in October is Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation that released a couple years ago. It’s a first-person survival horror game as you try to survive against the unpredictable Xenomorph which is hunting you. You’ll have to gather resources and do whatever you can to survive. This was another under appreciated gem in my opinion that I would like more people to experience.

Those are our predictions for some titles you might see in the PlayStation Plus lineup in October. Let us know in the comments what you would like to see in the lineup next month.


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  1. I’ll be pissed I just bought those games like 2 weeks ago on a flash sale for cheap

    • yeah …bought inside when it was on sale..was desperate to play the game

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