3 Kick-Ass Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gamers of all consoles are in for a treat this Christmas, and it’s easier than ever to find the best kind of gifts for the geeks in your life. While old schoolers have made a huge comeback the last years, you can also discover a lot of nifty gifts that won’t break the bank.


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Here is a quick guide to the best products for gamers in 2017, making it a bit easier to find something special.

#1 Nintendo Amiibo

The cool thing about these little figurines is that, besides from looking awesome in anyone’s Christmas stocking, they also unlock exciting content in different Nintendo Switch, 3D, and Wii U games.

You can find most of the classic characters in the collection, such as Mario, Link, and even beloved characters from Final Fantasy.

When you or someone you know simply can’t get enough of the popular Nintendo games, this gift is a sure bet. It will unlock special costumes, for example, as well as exclusive levels and modes. Plus, they’ll look great in any gamer’s bookshelf.

#2 Accessories for their gaming hub

Make life in front of the screen a bit more comfortable with a proper gaming computer desk, as well as an ergonomic chair. It’s the kind of stuff that makes the experience a bit better, but many game-lovers tend to invest in the latest releases rather than their backs. Anyone in love with their new game would like to spend hours in front of it, so treat their posture to something proper this year.

You can throw in an Xbox One chatpad too if the lucky recipient prefers Xbox above the other consoles. It makes chatting a bit easier as it gives your controller a full-fledged keyboard as well as nifty shortcuts for taking screenshots or recording clips.

It also works on PC, by the way, so it should be the perfect match with that computer desk.

#3 Sonic Mania

For a refreshing combination of nostalgia and delightful graphics, look no further than to Sonic Mania; a 2D platformer which has mixed the best parts of the original game together with something fresh and challenging.

It’s a bit more tricky than the original games, according to those who paid the low price of $20 to get their hands on it, and will be the perfect match for any Switch, PS4, Xbox One or PC gamer. If you used to play Sonic games as a kid, this one will have you or the gamer in your life hooked for hours, replaying one of the best retro-style adventures on the market.

When you’re out gift hunting for a game-lover either now or as a last-minute Christmas shopping in a few months, try to think about the kind of gaming stash they’d make use of together with their new games.

The chances are that they’ve already pre-ordered a few of the latest headlines, and the additional accessories from you will be the perfect surprise.


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