Are Marketing Deals Going Too Far With PlayStation & Xbox?

Like a lot of people, I plan on playing Destiny 2 in the next couple of days, and one thing that is really bothering me is the marketing, and lack of info regarding any enhancements for the Xbox One X version of the game. I have already bought, and pre-downloaded the PS4 version of the game, and if the One X get some enhancements like better graphics and/or better frame rate I’m gonna be kinda pissed off.

Thats not the only issue I have had with the Destiny. When the first game came out some content was a timed exclusive for the Playstation for up to a year, and apparently thats going to be the case with Destiny 2. A year, really…. I don’t mind so much if it’s a month or two but a year is a bit much, especially when you factor the relationship Bungie had with Xbox back in the old Halo days. I think Bungie owes a lot of their early success to Xbox.

I like to be an informed consumer, and get the most bang for my buck, but the lack of information is making that really hard. Of course with Destiny 2 releasing two months before the Xbox One X, that doesn’t help matters either.

Activision is also doing the same thing with CoD WWII, again I think the lack of information makes me, and others a less informed consumer. Now with CoD it’s not as big of an issue since it doesn’t appear to have any timed exclusive content for it, like Destiny on the PS4, so the safe bet would be get it on the Xbox One X since the experience should be as good or better as playing it on the PS4 Pro. Call of Duty releases a few days before the One X so by then we should know what the experience is going to be like on both consoles.

Recently I have been talking to friends of mine who mainly play on consoles like myself, and the whole frame rate issue isn’t as big deal to us as long as it doesn’t dip below 30fps. We were watching some Destiny 2 gameplay on a PC running at 60fps, and to be honest it just looked too smooth, it may sound weird to some but it kinda bothered us. I will say this, it would be nice if everyone was on the same page as far as resolution, and frame rate goes no matter what system you are playing on. It would also be one less issue in regards to cross platform play.

There are other issues I have with the marketing of games. Release dates, I think they are dumb, and hurt retailers due to the fact someone always seems to break them while other retailers have to stick to them. Now a argument can be made that release dates/street dates benefit gamers, so everyone starts playing the game at the same time, so people don’t get a advantage by having the game earlier than others, but in the case of the upcoming Forza 7 if you pre-order the ultimate edition you get to play it several days earlier than players who buy the standard edition, and it’s not the first game to do this.

Micro-transactions are another one, and I think they one of the reasons that lead to the demise of For Honor, that game was loaded down with too many transactions. I like the way Path of The Exile handles them, yea they are there but it’s not in your face like For Honor, and it’s all cosmetic stuff nothing that actually effects gameplay, the way the economy works in the game is really cool too.

Now a lot of this is a moot point if you plan on playing on PC, or only have access to one of the consoles, and not both systems, but in my case it’s an issue since I have a PS4 Pro, and pre-ordered a Xbox One X. Like I said before, I want to get the most value for my money, for example I have been buying more games on my PS4 Pro recently due to the fact it’s a more powerful system than the current Xbox, and things look a little better, and run better.

I’m sure there are other things about the marketing of games that bother people, if you have one feel free to let us know in the comments.


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