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Slot machines or as they were previously known, the one-armed bandit has had quite a significant chronological transformation since their inception to include the manual operation using a lever by the side of the machine. Today, they have transmogrified, appealing to us as accessible using any gadget that could get connected to the internet and offer numerous bonuses for online slots.

Slot machine games join the rest of the casino based games to form part of the definition of gambling.  The transformation that has been seen in gaming has been quite a win for the casino based institutions as more and more players are lured into gambling each day.

As stated by the Gambling Commission Industry, 33 percent of all Gambling in Britain is accounted for by online gaming, producing a gross gambling yield of about 4.5billion Euros between 2015 and 2016.This result altogether explains an excellent success which though, doesn’t dissolve the question that sticks at the back of everyone’s mind when it comes to gambling is, what is the future of slot machines?

Over the years, slot machines have earned themselves esteemed noticeability being regarded under definitions like, ‘building blocks of modern casino offering’ or ‘staple of the casinos.’ This supremacy has gone on for quite an extended period despite the advancements in technology, and current trends brought about by numerous makeovers.

For something that has come this far, it can be almost impossible to extricate the implications of slot machines, and for this reason, the casinos are not planning on doing away with them. Instead, they want to do away with the growth they have provided. And since gambling customers vary in what they look for in entertainment, casinos are hoping for advancement in technology that spreads a spectrum across every potential target.

The demand of wanting more engaging games that are far more exciting and fun have seen the alteration of the makeup of slot game machines mainly also to cover the desires of young adults who would find the necessity to make extra bucks in what they enjoy doing during their free times. So, imagine a technology that gets to mimic Playstations and Xbox competitions and sports games relevant to one’s childhood in a way that graphics and visuals are improved.

Online competitions where players get to interact online using Bluetooth enabled devices, get to not only play for entertainment, making these games more competitive as every player has their eyes on the prize.

As many of you might not know it, slot suppliers have come up or are trying to come up with various innovations to change the world of slot machine players. Here are some of the news on the future of slot machines.

Future of Slot Machines in Skill-based Games

Having the casinos predominantly operated by the wealthy and old share of the society, young players have also been on the minds of the slot suppliers. Having noticed the vast energetic proportion of the community, slot providers have spotted a niche in a generation driven by video games. Soon in the United Kingdom, gamblers will be made able to make wagers by playing video games.

The designing of a slot machine that takes the shape of an orb that has in it space where a gambler can sit and copy arcade games that were part of their childhood which is controlled by acoustic output is being tested in Mexico City by Merkur gaming.

In the United States of America, Slot machine revenue has been reduced significantly over the past few years, and this has been acclaimed to the focusing of potential players from the age of 50. The young adults were not part of the targeted group by the Casinos since the older demographic made the business more lucrative. The young adults, in turn, found it illogical to press a button which powered the spinning of a reel whose results determined if you were a winner, it was such an annoying idea to them.

Young adults prefer more attached entertainment that is reflected in their frequency to buy and play video games. So, with an aim to address the problem, GameCo has thought of different and new ways of gambling including the video game gambling machine which is eyed by many casinos. The VGM allows people to play their video games; it monitors the skills of these players and payouts are handled according to one’s set of competencies. I can’t wait to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) under the VGM system.

What to Expect

A word from the gaming industry consultant and an Ohio assistant professor, Alan Silver, assures all gamers in Las Vegas that this newly to-be introduced games are receiving trials in Las Vegas as focus group tests are likely.

Gavin Isaacs, head of Scientific Games, Saw the possibility of having future games possess a community feel upon which a group of players can indulge in the same game just like monopoly. An example of one was to be released in mid-2016 according to Scientific Games.

The forthcoming release of technology like:

  1.    Oculus Rift
  2.    HTC Vive
  3.    Samsung Gear

This technology has promised humanity enough on the growth for slot machines in the unpredictable future. But what is not sure is whether the current video gamer is will to part with a huge sum of money precisely for that kind of fun. And now that interactive gaming is independent of Random Number generating and dependent on the skills of the player, Nevada regulators play a prominent role as approval from them is eagerly awaited.

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