The Top Trends Having a Huge Impact on the World of Video Gaming


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With the world of video games constantly evolving there is no wonder that the industry is currently going from strength to strength. With so many factors influencing the direction of different genres of video games today we want to investigate the trends that are having the biggest impact on the world of gaming and how they will shape the video games of the future.

The Merging with Social Media

Social media is everywhere and it pretty much influences everything. The world of video gaming is no exception. We are starting to see a real emergence of social media in the way that gamers are exploring their video games. There are the most infamous of cases such as ‘Moshi Monsters’ which encourages their young gamers to also get involved in their social spaces and platforms which increases not just their participation but also their enjoyment at being part of the Moshi Monsters World.

Many other game developers are following suit and using the world of social media to push their creations into a more integrated and dynamic social experience. The world of Minecraft is fast becoming one of the most popular social venues for gamers to get together online, socialise and share their passion for the game. The concept of sharing, socialising and being connected to a community through a shared passion of gaming is certainly defining and redefining the future of how people are interacting with their games of choice.

Diversity of Devices

Now that game developers are focusing on creating a diversity of platforms, where their gamers can enjoy their favourite games, there is more choice than ever. With people being more interactive with their mobile phones than any other devices the world of gaming is also making sure that they are tapping into this unignorable device. With infamous games such as Final Fantasy creating apps that can be played directly from mobiles,, there is no wonder that most game creators are now focusing on creating mobile friendly versions of their evergreen video games. This is also allowing the world of video gaming to expand beyond the confines of the ‘passionate gamer’ with mobile app games such as reaching out to the general public who have never before participated in the world of video gaming.

In addition to mobile gaming, the world of video gaming is seen to be shifting through the access that children have to other electronic devices. The boom in tablets is also having a great impact in the way that people are playing as the diversity in devices is offering a certain flexibility when it comes to playing. The use of tablets in the gaming world is also seeing many non-video gaming brands extending out into the world of gaming by offering their customers interactive games that can be played on mobile phone and tablets. These devices therefore offer up a great opportunity for other, non video game brands, to be branching out and dipping their toe into the world of video gaming.

Parents Supporting Video Games

Video gaming has, in the past, had a bad rap when it came to parents. However as a new wave of parents are emerging, who themselves grew up playing video games, we are seeing the first generation of players that are actively encouraging their children to get involved in video games and are celebrating the benefits that it can bring to children’s cognitive development. A recent study into young families have found that almost 80% of parents surveyed are actually participating with their children and are enjoying video gaming as a family activity, that can be enjoyed together. It was also found that children under the age of 10 are receiving most of their gaming advice and tips directly from their parents, meaning that a huge shift is happening where parents are becoming advocates for the world of video gaming.

Electronics are Becoming More Affordable

The fact that electronics are becoming more affordable has brought about a huge trend in the amount of people that are investing in and starting to explore the world of augmented reality gaming. The trend of ‘physical gaming’ is making waves due to the fact that not only are technological advances being made constantly, but also it is becoming more and more accessible to people. Not only is it becoming more affordable to people it is also becoming much more user friendly meaning that consumers are no longer intimidated by complicated manuals and setup instructions. Therefore this trend of more affordable electronics mashed with increasingly user friendly devices is set to continue changing the face of video gaming.


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