Destiny 2 Month 1 Activities

Destiny 2 has been out for a few days and many players have already beaten the campaign, leaving players to look forward to whats coming next. This week is almost over but the weekly activities until the weekly reset on Tuesday are:

  • Nightfall – The Arms Dealer (Recommended Power Level 240)
  • Flashpoint: EDZ

Week 2 of Destiny 2 is looking very promising with:

  • Nightfall – The Inverted Spire (As well as the Guided Games Beta for Nightfall)
  • Flashpoint: Nessus
  • Raid: Leviathan (9/13)
  • Trials of the Nine (9/15)
  • Xur (9/15)

Week 3 will slow things down just a bit:

  • Nightfall – Exodus Crash
  • Flashpoint: IO
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Xur

Week 4 adds a couple of items to the weekly list:

  • Nightfall- The Pyramidion
  • Flashpoint: Titan
  • Raid: Leviathan (Guided Games Beta launches)
  • Faction Rally
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Xur

Month one is looking strong for Destiny 2! For more Destiny tips, tricks, and news check back to And until next time, keep gaming!

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