The Last Of Us Remastered 1.08 Vs. 1.09 Shadow Quality Comparison Image Shows Major Difference

We recently captured footage of The Last Of Us Remastered 1.08 which did not include the shadow quality option and 1.09 with the shadow quality at high quality. The difference is very noticeable, and here is the comparison image to prove it.

FotoJet (91)

FotoJet (92)

FotoJet (93)

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  1. A big difference there…..

    • Sarcasm, obviously, but I don’t see the reason for it. That is, all things considered, a pretty big difference. The lighting and shadows are way more realistic if they can now do things like this throughout the whole game.

      • Right on.

  2. Wow. It’s basically nothing.

    • I wouldn’t say that at all. The lighting and shadowing have entered an entirely new depth if global changes like this were made. Are you kidding me? How is the light and shadow extending further and more realistically basically “nothing” to you?

      • Correct. There are two light sources in the second picture. Only Joel’s light casts shadows.

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