NBA 2K18 Switch Version Suffering From Major Bugs & Issues; List Of Known Issues So Far

NBA 2K18 has been called a mess on the Nintendo Switch by many players who have bought the game for the console/handheld hybrid, and we have to agree from what we have played ourselves as these issues have been happening to us too. Serious issues including a complete loss of data have been reported by players on the Nintendo Switch, crashes have also been reported by many players. These are the most known issues, and have caused 2K’s Twitter Support account to make a quick statement. 

Other issues that have been reported include issues with cutscenes and audio. Cutscenes are lagging and slowing down which means the audio is still playing as if the cutscene is running normally. Cutscenes are also suffering from random skips forward. When cutscenes have been working fine, there’s been issues with audio completely cutting out, and not coming back on.

While gameplay has been smooth and upholds a solid 30FPS, the framerate seems to have issues during cutscenes with the framerate dropping way below 30FPS.

Full list of known issues so far (if we are missing anything please let us know in the comments)

  • Data being wiped
  • Crashes
  • Audio cutting out during cutscenes
  • Cutscenes lagging
  • Cutscenes skipping
  • Framerate drops outside of gameplay

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    • I’ve noticed the same thing. Can’t believe no one else has noticed this. I hope they fix it. It looks like a finger nail is on screen or something.

      • Happy im not the only one. Thought i was crazy.

        • I also noticed the same blemish on the ps4 version as well. Although on ps4 pro it’s smaller and barely noticeable.

  1. I have a blemish on screen 90% of the time. It’s both in handheld and docked

  2. Those graphics on the switch are trash. Lmao. Poor NBA 2K.

    • You really expected a handheld to look better than this?

  3. Title is misleading. This is a widespread issue and not isolated to the switch. You should update your article.

  4. The multiplayer option in my career is bugged aswell. Not many have tried it but I can confirm it does not work; the ability to invite your friends to your McCourt in My career is completely unavailable. This is something that needs to be patched ASAP or not many people are going to buy the game.

  5. This is definitely not a “full” list of issues. The worst thing about this game on the switch is the input lag. It’s even present in the menus.

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