KontrolFreek Thumbstick Grips Product Review

The amazing people at KontrolFreek sent over their thumbstick grips for a product review, and at first I really thought these grips would do nothing and would be a waste of time. I have to be brutally honest because I want to show how wrong I really was about these amazing little things. In this review, I will discuss why these are a must buy product for any FPS fan on consoles.

I would say that I am pretty terrible at FPS games, and usually end matches with more deaths than kills. I thought why not give these thumbstick grips a chance because as they say on the box “guaranteed to improve performance and accuracy” so maybe these could be the things that might make me not so terrible at FPS games. However as I said at the beginning of the review, I questioned whether if they would even do anything, and I was so, so wrong.

I tested the thumbsticks on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered which is a game that I never really did good at, and kind of abandoned it. The first game with the thumbsticks improved my performance that much that I thought it was just pure luck, even though I got one of the best kills to death ratio’s ever on a FPS game. I tried a few more games, and I was still getting really good kill to deaths and breaking previous records which is incredible.

The thumbstick grips are quite awkward at first, but they are very easy to get used to, and now I don’t play FPS games without these awesome thumbsticks. Design wise these are also very good, they are easy to put on and take off, and never did they once come off during gameplay and always felt like they were fully connected to the actual controller thumbstick.

The Final Verdict 

KontrolFreek’s thumbstick grips are absolutely legit, and are one of the best accessories for gaming I’ve ever used. I never believed they could really help that much, but I was proved to be very wrong. The design of the thumbsticks are great, and I never had an issue with them at all. If you don’t own these already, and you enjoy FPS games then these little things are a must buy accessory.

You can buy this product from KontrolFreek here. 





  • They work!
  • Great design
  • Easy to fit and take off

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