Rumor: Xbox One X Standard Edition Pre-Order Date Possibly Revealed

Xbox One X Project Scorpio editions may have gone out of stock, but there is still the standard Xbox One X to come for pre-order which will not be as limited as the special edition was. Walmart has an ad on their site for Xbox One X pre-orders which say “pre-order 9/21 in store only” which means that pre-orders for the standard version are coming on September 21st 2017.

There was no mention of Project Scorpio in the advertisement which most likely means that this will be the start of the standard edition Xbox One X pre-orders. So if you missed out the first time, now is your chance to get the Xbox One X although you won’t be getting any of the Project Scorpio detail.

Here’s a look at the ad which we captured.


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  1. XBOX one X is about to fail with that expensive price. I rather get a Switch and PS4

    • So dam get so tired of people coming on here knocking xbox one x down if you dont like xbox one x ok but some people do like myself i like 3 all ps4,switch ,xbox one x

    • Xbox One X is actually cheap for what it offers. Fail? The Scorpio Edition Sold out in hours around the far it was a tremendous success. Sure you can go for Switch or Ps4 but you will not be able to achieve or play the best version o 3rd party games only available on the X.

      • So did the Day One Edition of the Xbone, guess what, still available to buy April 5 months after launch and 7 months after it apparently “sold out”. Why fall for these lies again and in the same console generation too?

      • you Xbox fanboys need to relax with this whole “Scorpio edition sold out in hours” BS!
        It’s not the actual Xbox one X pre-order.. it’s a pre-order on something IN LITERAL LIMITED SUPPLY!! So no that is NOT a tremendous supply and from the numbers circulating and precedents set through business history theres only really 10’s of thousands of Xbox One X Scoripo editions sold which isnt a tremendous success by any stretch of the imagination loool…

        Secondly this whole “3rd parties will be wayy better and why imma buy the Xbox One X” argument also a just argument just means that FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS PLAYSTATION HAS HAD THE BETTER AND SUPERIOR 3RD PARTY SUPPORT! So if superior 3rd party support is soooooooooooo important for you why haven’t you already got a PS4 or PS4 Pro…?
        You guys’ arguments are really weak.. Just simply say you want the Xbox one X because it’s the most powerful console and theres no doubt from a hardware perspective its the greatest console of all time theres no contesting that! but these feeble weak, goal post moving arguments as to why it’s a success or the console of choice simply make you all look stupid!

    • $500 is “too expensive”?…Maybe for people who need to save their allowance. Those who work for a living this is no different than a new TV or smart phone. Also, for what is being offered it is a steal!

      • And yet nobody bats an eye when Apple pretty much double the price of their annual iPhone. (here in Aust the 250GB iPhone X is $1800)
        Not comparing phone/console or apple/ms, Just pointing it out.

      • very true… but the Xbox One X ISNT a next gen system… all games will run on the base Xbox One X as well… so for A LOT of those with standard Xbox One X’s whats the point of upgrading when they already can play those games on the standard console without needing to upgrade their system or tv to experience the true difference…?

    • 500$ is nothing, you must have a paper route or mow lawns if you think it’s too much. Ive spent more than that on one weekend at the bar or eating out at certain restaurants for a couple days. Just the 4k Blu Ray player alone more than makes up the difference in price between it and the pro nevermind the huge power difference. Definitely won’t fail by any definition

      • I dont have a paper route. $500 just a lot for a responsible Adult with bills to handle first. I didnt have it just laying around on a daggone Sunday after paying bills. I drive a brand new 2016 vehicle well it was. When I got it . I help care for my stage 4 kidney failure mom. I fight my own job with a workers comp case? Yeah sure every one has $500 laying around to drop at a dime like its nothing. I’m sorry u got the brunt but I get tired of people saying it I really do. I wish I could of gotten the thing. My ADW xbone is on its last leg over here. I have to chose my battles wisely. I gave up a ps4 to pay for bills and can’t upgrade a 2010 TV. Plus I got diagnosed with some crap this past August. Not everyone’s going to have the same situations. I’m hoping to drop $100-200 this wk. I need the upgrade.

    • Its only $100 more than my Pro. And it’s it has a 4k UHD Blu-ray Drive and 12 Gigs of GDDR ram. Plus it’s much more powerful than my pro. Even has a vapor chamber for cooling. That’s alot of additional tech for only $100 more. I just bought a 75″ Samsung QLED tv and priced a UHD Blu-ray player for it. $280.

      At 500$ this is a no brainier.

    • Pre orders sold out doubt it will fail

    • If the PS3 survived when it launched at $499 which wasn’t even the most expensive model then the Xbox one X will too. It just needs games.

      • Except PlayStation is PlayStation and it launched with 4000 natively supported PS1 and PS2 games and a bluray drive that games COULD utilise. There is NOTHING there that I would compare to XboneX. PS3 also had games.

    • That’s your opinion and I respect it. I disagree though, as I thought nothing about the price… I just wanted the new console.

  2. Hope this is right cause I got burned by Target. It was the only place left to pre order the Scorpio edition the day after pre orders went live and those cucks cancelled my order without explanation a few days later. They probably over sold the pre orders or something or some neck beard employee cancelled it cause he wanted my pre order. Target can slob on my meat helmet, I’ll never shop there again.

    • Watch on eBay.. I’ll be posting two up on there, I bought 2, the first day and a third the very next day.

  3. Maybe these people complaining about the price were to young to remember, The original xbox one was the same price. A halfway decent 4K player is at least 250.00. And I need
    a 4K player. so on paying $250 for a new xbox1x. If Sony thinks that VR is going to save their sales they’re in for a surprise.

  4. another Xbox system only to collect dust on my mantel?.. No exclusives…Er.. no thanks. ill pass.

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