Gamedias HEBE M1 Gaming Headset Product Review

Gaming headsets have become more and more popular over the years, and seemingly finding the right headset for games has become almost an impossible task. Gamedias has their own gaming headset which they were nice enough to send over for a product review, and in this review I will go over my multiple hours of gameplay testing them. I will judge the product on the four most important caterogies for this kind of review which is Design, Sound Quality, Value and Features.


I’ve had the headset for a few months now, and it has had a lot of wear out of them. They are still working great as they did on the first day of use, so it has easily passed the test for durability. I’m not surprised that this product is durable, as it seems to be very well made, and designed for comfort as well which I can say passed that test. The headset felt apart of me after a while because of their comfort, it almost felt like it wasn’t there. I thank that to a very well designed headset that has put comfort as a top priority, and it’s why this passes the design test.

There’s also a pretty cool “smart remote control” feature attached to the headset which allows for quick access for turning features on and off like the sound, microphone and a neat feature of illumination.

Sound Quality

Gamedias boasts that this headset has 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, and it really is something to boast about because the sound is incredible when playing games. It gives off an incredible 3D sound which allows you to hear pretty much everything in crisp clear quality that I didn’t know was possible until I started product reviews as I never really was interested in headsets for gaming, and with headsets like this, I don’t think I can go back to not using a headset!


For such amazing sound quality and brilliant design, you are getting a steal price of around £58 currently. That’s the kind of price you can expect from just an okay headset, but Gamedias is providing what I would say is a premium product for an extremely affordable price which can help for those who are on a budget, but can spend a little bit extra over the amount. It’s still a slight investment, but nowhere near what many other companies would charge.


Here’s a list of the features that the Gamedias HEBE M1 Gaming Headset provides.

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Feel The Sound With Bass Impact
  • Unidirectional Flexible Microphoner
  • Optimized Earpads
  • 50mm HD driver unit
  • Smart in-line Remote

Final Verdict 

This is one of the best headsets I’ve reviewed so far, I was incredibly surprised with how good this headset was after researching briefly about the price and features. I didn’t think it would live up to what it was promoting at that kind of price, but it passed all the tests, and is one I can easily recommend!

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