New WWE 2K17 Vs. WWE 2K18 Comparison Images Revealed Which Shows Incredible Visual Enhancements

Thanks to IGN’s latest video of the WWE 2K18 gameplay trailer, we managed to make some comparison images with WWE 2K17 (sources below) We have chosen 7 wrestlers who we have not seen in gameplay videos yet. As you can see, there is a big difference from WWE 2K17 to WWE 2K18 as you will see in the below images.

2kcomparison (5) 2kcomparison (4) 2kcomparison (3) 2kcomparison (2) 2kcomparison (1) 2kcomparison FotoJet (100)

Sources for WWE 2K17 comparison.


Becky Lynch 

Dean Ambrose 



Triple H 

Chris Jericho 

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  1. Wow, I am just not seeing it. I mean look at the woman in the green in 2K17 and then the pink in 2K18. Abysmal current gen visuals. The only massive jump in visuals we have ever seen across a console generation and Wrestling games was from PS1 to PS2.

    • pretty much.

  2. they just made the lighting darker for entrances. id argue some characters look better in 2k17.

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