Saints Row 3 Is Another Showcase Title For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility; Fixes Many Major Issues

Saints Row 3 became one of six new backwards compatible games that went live on the Xbox One last week, and the Xbox One BC team have done it again, and made Saints Row 3 another showcase title for backwards compatibility on Xbox One. Saints Row 3 had major framerate issues on the Xbox 360 during cutscenes with drops reaching to 20FPS however that has been fixed on the Xbox One with cutscenes now staying at a very stable 30FPS, and hardly dropping at all. Thanks to VGTech‘s latest video for these screencaps.


Gameplay also has a boosted framerate, and does not drop below 30FPS unlike the Xbox 360 did.


There was also some screen tearing issues on the Xbox 360 which have been cleaned up thanks to the incredible backwards compatibility feature on Xbox One.

As usual the Xbox One BC team have done a great job with another Xbox 360 title, and I personally can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves with the Xbox One X and future titles.

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  1. Are you crazy? It does drop below 30fps on the X1 and the frame rates fluctuations and frame time issues make it preform actually worst than the Xbox 360 version.

  2. cutscenes framerate was not the major issues but lol that showcase is getting dustier by the year

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