The New Forza 7 Is Out on Xbox One

Forza Motorsport has reached its seventh instalment and it continues to amaze even now when all fans and gamers are already used with what the producers of this gorgeous game can deliver. Stunning graphics, a realistic gameplay when it comes to controls, physics, sounds and texture and a very wide offer of cars to choose from, Forza 7 is in the race for the game of 2017.



Available on Xbox One

The power and capability of the Xbox one needed a game to really put all those features to the test and Forza 7 is definitely that game. The Xbox One is clearly the most powerful console on the market right now and Forza was always a true showcase for Xbox, every new launch using a version of Forza to show off the capabilities and strengths of the hardware.

Forza 7 Features

When you deal with such a wonderful game, any superlative that you use is not going to overstate just how amazing this racing simulator is. Right from the menu, you realize that you’re dealing with an awesome title and when you get into the first race, the sheer beauty of everything you see, will amaze you. The reflection of the sun on the wet tarmac, the rain hiding the windscreen with the very real effect that modifies according to the speed with which you are driving, the level of detail and perfection is absolutely jaw-dropping.



It would be a truly mobile casino if this game was also available for smartphones or other devices. And we’re sorry to insist so much on the dynamic weather effects, however, the series lacked proper rain and other weather effects in the previous titles and all the time spent by the developers is truly worth it. And with the rain effects everything changes, the way the car reacts to your commands is changed almost entirely, the speed with which you can corner is drastically lowered due to the puddles that form on the racetrack.

Realistic racing simulator

Forza 7 really distances itself from all the other simulators by switching the focus from over perfecting things into doing a way better job on bringing the high-end race driver experience to all players while also offering them some aids to improve their driving. Just like VoguePlay in Denmark, Forza Motorsport is totally orientated towards the gamers. You can clearly see that the experience Forza 7 offers is one built for the player from top to bottom and that is how you create a great game. Perhaps the best part about the new Forza title is that they really reviewed the progression between championships. For every championship you enter, you get multiple mini-series of races that reward you independently so that you can still compete in the next race even though you did not win the previous one or got a good enough spot on the finishing line.



The bottom line is that Forza Motorsport 7 is an amazing game that recreates the feel of driving a race car back to the players and really makes the new Xbox One shine, emphasizing on the great hardware achievements that the engineers from Microsoft reached with this new generation of consoles.



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