Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review (Xbox One)

The latest installment of the Dishonored series is the standalone DLC, Death of the Outsider in which you follow Billie Lurk. Billie appears in the DLC The Knife of Dunwall in the first Dishonored game and then Billie returns in Dishonored 2 as Meagan Foster, the captain of The Dreadful Whale. Now with Death of the Outsider, Billie goes and finds her old mentor, Daud, to help him out with the greatest assassination of all time, the assassination of the Outsider. The Outsider is the guy in the Dishonored series that gives Corvo his powers in the first Dishonored and Emily her powers in the second Dishonored (if you play as her). Basically, the Outsider is the one responsible for giving people in the Dishonored series powers. Then there are cults and groups that appear to worship the Outsider.

death of the outsider broke my back
Death of the Outsider is much shorter than Dishonored and Dishonored 2 so the story is pretty much straight forward. First Billie goes to Karnaca to an underground fighting club and rescues her old mentor Daud. From there, Daud tells Billie that he wants the Outsider dead and they plan on who the cult leaders are and get information from them about the location of Outsider as well as getting the weapon that is needed to kill the Outsider. After Billie gets the weapon needed, she heads to the location where the Void is so she can kill the Outsider. Of course, you are given the option of either killing the Outsider or finding another way. So the choice is up to you which way you want to go.
death of the outsider painting
In Death of the Outsider, you are faced with the same old enemies of the guards, the wolfhounds, Sisters of the Oracular Order, members of the gang Eyeless, and Clockwork Soldiers. We get new weapons and different powers. The powers are Displace (which is a version of Blink. It transport you to a different place in an instant), Foresight (which is a version of Dark Vision. This helps you see through walls and far away or just helps you explore the world better), and Semblance (which is a version of Possession), Void Strike (which is used with the weapon that is needed to kill the Outsider and it can knock back enemies and assassinate unaware targets) and finally Rat Whispers in which you can hear the rats and it takes place of the Heart in the previous two games. Now after beating the game, you can play again using the Original Game + and going this route replaces Displace, Foresight, and Semblance with Blink, Dark Vision and Domino (which links human targets and what happens to one, happens to all who are linked).
death of the outsider see you in the void
Overall, I think that this is a good ending to the Kaldwin era of Dishonored. I found this to be a good short story to learn more about Billie Lurk since I only knew her as Meagan Foster from Dishonored 2. It gives enough of a backstory about Billie and Daud and is especially helpful for  those who hadn’t played the Knife of Dunwall DLC in the first Dishonored or just didn’t have previous experience with the Dishonored series. Besides having that same Dishonored feeling as the previous games, Death of the Outsider brings a new feeling and experience to the series with the new characters and expanding on Billie, Daud, and the Outsider. The new powers and weapons are pretty neat as well. Considering that this game is pretty short, it does feel like it could have been as long as previous Dishonored games especially if taking the time and exploring the area or if you are taking your time with the game. I think that this could be one of the better games of the year.

I give Dishonored: Death of the Outsider a 9.5/10

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