Call Of Duty: WW2 Box Art Reveals Xbox One X Support But Microsoft Have Yet To Confirm It In Their List

It looks like Call Of Duty: WW2 will get Xbox One X after all as some thought that the marketing deal would block Activision from discussing or even confirming if they are doing Xbox One X support. While Activision and Microsoft ARE being quiet about it, it does look like it is coming. The only thing we do not know yet is if this means that it will be patched with Xbox One X support on launch for the Xbox One X as the console releases 4 days after Call Of Duty: WW2.

Many are questioning why Activision and Microsoft have not confirmed it yet as the Xbox One X Enhanced list does not include Call Of Duty: WW2 as of now. Here’s a look at the box art and the enhanced list. The box art comes from UK game store GAME.

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The question remains was this allowed to be revealed yet? My guess is not at all.

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  1. Why wouldn’t it have X support? We didn’t know that COD Ghosts on PS4
    was 1080p over Xbone’s 720p until leaks of the game in October 2013.
    Microsoft held the marketing stuff for that game back then, of course
    Activision weren’t going to talk about the PS4 version being superior
    and they most certainly didn’t hold back the PS4 version just like they
    won’t be holding back the XboneX version of the newest COD.

    And who cares if it isn’t on Microsoft’s “list”. There are games on that list that don’t even have solid release dates yet, hell, there are even games on that list that are in development hell like Below, a game we haven’t seen a screenshot of in 18 months.

    Here is a list of all the games that support PS4 Pro so far and its about 180 games at least Note that this list, unlike Microsoft’s list, DOES NOT include every exclusive game for PS4 that ISN’T out yet. We know that pretty much ever upcoming game for PS4 will have Pro enhancements of some kind. I’m not sure why people give so much bizarre credit for this “Microsoft list” of X enhanced games.

    If we did include every single PS4 console exclusive and other random games like Kingdom Come Deliverance, of course this list of PS4 Pro supported games would be easily 100 higher than it already is.

    • How many games were boosted in performance for the Ps4 Pro when it launched? Not being a d***, I am genuinely curious.

      • Not many ?

        • Less than 40 on the PS4 Pro.
          But so far xbox Scorpio has 120 and most likely will have 150 by the time it launches.

  2. Sony is in a panic and is using money, and probably threats, to bend Activision to their will. Every other major release in the past 6 months is X Enhanced. There is no technical, nor clear financial reason for Destiny 2, as well as COD WWII not to be X Enhanced other than Sony acting like a lil b****.

    Sony has marketing deals with Activision for both Destiny 2, and COD WWII. They aren’t about to accept the fact that the X version of those games will destroy both PlayStation versions graphically,of course they would lose sales. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts, because once Xbox One X 4K HDR footage of every multiplat release from here on starts hitting youtube, Twitch, and Mixer the party will be over for Sony. Who am I kiddin, they will probably find some way to throw a tantrum, or just flat out lie about something. They do that every time they are in a pickle.

    Personally, I didn’t plan on buying COD WWII anyway. Bungies history with Xbox, and how Destiny 2 is being handled is a piss off though and a slap in the face to Xbox fans. Those games aren’t the end of the world. Battlefront 2 and PUBG will be the biggest shooters this year easily. Then of course Battlefield 1, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Halo 5 will be X Enhanced. Ive still got plenty to scratch my trigger finger. Id be lying if I said it didn’t piss me off though.

  3. Phil Spencer is slick! He told everyone to let the games speak for themselves…the Xbox One X is going to rape the PS4 Pro with multiplats!

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