Speedlink ULTOR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Product Review

Thanks to the amazing people at Speedlink, we was sent one of their best gaming keyboards for a product review, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the product. It manages to pass our three grades that we rate a product on which is features, design and value which I will go in to further detail below. By the end of this review, you will be wanting to purchase this keyboard for your gaming set up because overall it might be the best gaming keyboard out there!


The ULTOR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a very impressive design, and might be one of the most visually appealing product that I’ve review so far. The keyboard boasts a very stylish LED illumination behind each key with the unimportant keys glowing a dark blue while the important keys depending on how they are mapped which is fully customizable by the way! These important keys will glow a bright white which sets them way apart from the not so needed keys. The keys that will glow white as the default are WASD and the arrow keys.

So the keyboard is a nice visual, but that doesn’t matter if the keyboard isn’t built well because as you can imagine the keys are going to smashed many times a day, and need to hold up to this barrage. It appears after using the keyboard for quite a while that this keyboard can take a sizeable amount of damage. Speedlink themselves also boast that this keyboard will have maximum durability due to its ultra-simple design and aluminium body. I can easily see myself using this keyboard for a long time without an issue happening. I also found the keyboard to be very comfortable when using, and did not take me long to get used to its design.

The keyboard easily passed the design part of this review, it’s well built and it’s one of the best looking keyboards which is two things that I personally want from a gaming keyboard, and I can imagine many other people will say the same.


For what you are getting in this package, you only have to pay €99.99 or around £75 in the UK which is an amazing price for what this gaming keyboard offers. The keyboard does lean towards the premium side of things with the price in mind, but I’ve seen some keyboards that cost way more that do way less, and don’t look half as good as this keyboard. I’d say if you’re on a strict budget for a keyboard then this one might not be for you in terms of value, but for those who want to get a premium keyboard then this is the best one in my opinion. I’d say it’s worth waiting it out, and saving for this keyboard as it’s at a very affordable price for the features and design of the keyboard.


The keyboard has a whole set of features which Speedlink can truly boast about, here’s the full list of features.

  • Professional gaming keyboard with mechanical keys
  • Customisable LED keyboard illumination
  • Freely configurable key/button functions
  • Progressive Gaming Mode with 5 profiles, 6 macro keys, swappable WASD and arrow keys, remappable keys plus Windows key deactivation
  • Red mechanical Kaihua Kailh switches, optimised for gaming
  • Maximum gaming comfort thanks to extra-high raised keys for precise keystrokes
  • Simple layout with compact, frameless design and aluminium body
  • N-key rollover for extreme anti-ghosting Power
  • editor integful macrorated in the driver
  • Internal memory (64kb) for importing/exporting profiles
  • Auto-loading game profiles
  • USB polling rate configurable up to 1,000Hz (ultrapolling)
  • Selectable response-time down to 1 millisecond
  • Rapid access to 12 practical additional functions
  • Flexible USB cable with hard-wearing sheath (1.7m)
  • Dimensions: 350 × 122 × 33 (W × D × H)
  • Weight: 680g

The Final Verdict 

Speedlink’s  ULTOR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was a surprise hit for me, I didn’t quite expect how good this keyboard was really going to be, and ended up being one of the best products I’ve reviewed on the site so far. It’s visually impressive, it’s designed for comfort and longevity and has a whole lot of features. If you’re currently looking for a new gaming keyboard then look no further than this great piece of hardware.





  • Great design
  • Affordable price point
  • Comfortable to use

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