Gamdias Hermes M1 Keyboard Product Review

Thanks to the awesome people at Gamdias, we was sent over their Hermes M1 Keyboard for a product review, so if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard then you are at the right place. In this review, I will take in to account my three most important sub categories which are Design, Value and Features which will help form the final score for the product overall.


The Hermes M1 Keyboard is a brilliantly designed gaming keyboard, the neon backlights make the keyboard stand out and look that little bit more amazing. There’s seven colors to choose from, and it’s fully customizable so it can be changed to whatever is best suited for your color layout. Gamdias themselves call the keyboard “Durable” and has a “Stylish Design” and I have to agree with what they are promoting. The design looks great, and does have a stylish look that will go well with pretty much any PC gaming set up. The keyboard has an aluminum faceplate, and also seemed to stay in the same position without moving when using it which is something that is boasted by Gamdias, who call the keyboard “sturdy”.

The keyboard has also been said to have “ultra comfort” which once again, I totally agree with. Using this keyboard did not cause any issues of comfort at all. It didn’t take long to get used to it, and after a short while it felt like my standard keyboard and didn’t have that “new change” feeling which sometimes can be hard to get used to for some products.


The Hermes M1 Keyboard is around £67 which is actually a very good price for what you are getting in the package. The keyboard boasts many different features which can be found in our next section of the review. For the price of this keyboard, you would expect to have something that’s above standard and moving towards the premium level but not quite the full premium product. However for that price, you are still getting something I would say is a premium product after testing it out and being impressed with the design and comfort that Gamdias boast about.


This keyboard also boasts a wide range of features which you can find below.

  • GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches
  • Play Macro via FN+G1/G2
  • 256K Built-in Memory
  • Neon Light Spectrum
  • New Sculpted Keys
  • Quick-Attach Wrist Rest
  • 21-key Rollover
  • HERA Software

The Final Verdict 

The Gamdias Hermes M1 Keyboard is a solid gaming keyboard that is worth your attention, it’s designed well and looks like something you would be proud to have in your PC gaming set up. It’s not too much of an investment either, and that doesn’t mean you are getting a cheap product either. This is a near premium level keyboard for a very affordable price. I would recommend this keyboard after my time spent with it.

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