Rare Boss Doesn’t Think It’s Okay To Make The Same Game That People Loved With Updated Graphics

The studio head of Rare Craig Duncan had an interview with DK Vine  on YouTube, and later in the interview Craig said “he wants Rare to do games that will amaze people” and “the kind of games only Rare will make” and then went on to bring up about Rare’s old IP’s in which he said “I loved what we did with Rare Replay” and “the team smashed it out of the park with that compilation, there’s compilations and then there’s Rare making a compilation” and further praised Rare Replay as “setting a new bar” for a what a heritage collection should be.

Craig went on to say that “I don’t think it’s okay to just go make the same game that people loved before but with up to date graphics and audio.” He explained his thoughts by saying “just making them again with whatever technology is available today, that’s not Rare. What Rare is, is doing the kind of games that only Rare would go do. Like no one else would go make Sea Of Thieves in the way we are making Sea Of Thieves.”

He would further explain by saying “unless you’ve got an absolutely killer amazing idea” which he thinks are most likely there, and continued what he was saying “for how you would bring maybe an existing IP or maybe one of those franchises, and do something new with it from a gameplay scenario or something that could actually be genuinely different and innovative.” Craig would then say “I don’t think you just re-do them, I think that would be the worst thing for Rare to do, like if I said go remake all of the stuff that was kind of successful at the time but make it up to date, I don’t think it would be good, and I don’t think it would be relevant, and I don’t think people would really want it, I think they might think they do but I do think they would.”

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  1. Ok so make a new perfect dark, a new kameo, a new jet force gemini! No? Ok.

  2. remaking it will make more appealing to the next gen gamers, who would even try playing those epic game from the past.

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