Destiny 2 Gets A Surprise Big Price Drop In The Same Month As Release

Destiny 2 has surprisingly been price dropped quite heavily already in the UK, as big UK retailer Simply Games has slashed the price of the game by over 30% which is not something that anyone expected as it was a major AAA release, and has been doing good in the sales charts so far in the UK.

The game was originally priced at £44.99 with some retailers charging as high as £50 for the game to cash in on the hype and expected big sales. Simply Games has now dropped that launch to £31.99 not even a month after release which is a shocking move by the retailer. Here’s a look at the listing.


Why do you think Destiny 2 got a big price drop? Was it due to a possible high trade in? Did sales stall after a strong start? Let us know your thoughts on the surprising price drop in the comments below.

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