DOOM Has Quietly Been Re-Added To The Xbox One X Enhanced List; PS4 Pro Support Unconfirmed

It looks like after all the confusion, DOOM will be getting Xbox One X support, and will be an enhanced title. DOOM was first confirmed to be getting the Xbox One X enhanced treatment at E3 2017 which was big news as it had previously not been PS4 Pro patched similar to The Witcher 3.

DOOM however was quietly removed a few weeks later, and it looked like it would not be getting the Xbox One X enhanced support, but it’s now been quietly re-added to the official list.


Nothing has been confirmed yet by Bethesda, but don’t be surprised if there’s an official post about 4K support for DOOM in the next few days, and also don’t be shocked if PS4 Pro support is also confirmed in that post.

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  1. Cmon pro support baby!

  2. Want to slay in 4k

  3. I want it on PS4 PRO! even not so good as XBOX ONE X….a tired with that blurry textures! if it comes with 1440p with supersampling and better textures in the PS4 PRO will be amazing!

  4. Just bought Doom on sale for $20 on Xbox. Along with Resident Evil 7 at half price. I now own about 15 games that are getting 4K support on Xbox One X. I’ll have plenty of content when it arrives November 7th, and my 75″ 4K HDR TV will finally have 4K HDR content from both my XOX and PS4 Pro, and movies on Ultra Blu-ray. I’m so excited for the X, it’s getting close now!

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