Trust GXT 313 Nero Illuminated Gaming Headset Product Review

Thanks to the friendly crew at Trust, I was able to go hands on with their GXT 313 Nero Illuminated Gaming Headset for a product review. As many already know already, Trust is one of the leading brands in PC accessories, and I’m familiar with their products before, and if I recall correctly, I was happy with what I bought from them so I was very excited to check out one of their headsets. In this review, I will go through three different categories to give the product a final score which is design, sound quality, and value.


Trust can be trusted (I promise I won’t make that joke again… maybe) with their design quality of the GXT 313 Nero headset. I was actually quite surprised with how comfortable the headset was, the pads around the ears are designed with care and quality in mind. I can tell that comfort is a major focus with the design of this headset as other very good headsets have been ruined with poor design like being extremely uncomfortable to wear. Unlike those other headsets, Trust has comfort in mind and that is something you will not have to worry about with this headset.

The headset also features eye catching LED illuminated sides that beam a red color which makes the headset stand out that much more when in use. I mean who doesn’t like a little bit of illumination on their headsets? Overall I was very pleased with the design of the headset, and couldn’t wait to actually try them out after being so impressed with the design.


Sound Quality

After testing this gaming headset with a few games, and using them for multiple hours, I can say that overall I was satisfied as I kept the price point in mind while reviewing them which I will discuss further below. Now the truth is that there are other headsets out there that will produce better sound quality, but those are headsets which will cost way more money but that’s not to say that the sound quality is bad at all. I was actually surprised with how good the headset was for sound quality after looking at the price of the headset, lets just say for the same price I’ve had some awful headsets in comparison to the GXT 313 Nero.



The GXT 313 Nero passes this category quite easily, the price point for this headset is actually extremely affordable at £40 for what you are getting. The sound quality is good, the design of the headset is incredible with it being extremely comfortable and looking overall like a headset that you would want to wear with pride. If you are looking for a headset of below premium but a better than “good” headset then this is the perfect headset for you at the price point you are looking for.

Final Verdict

Overall I was very impressed with the  GXT 313 Nero gaming headset, I already knew that I was going to review a really good product as I trust Trust (Yeah I did it again) to have good quality products after prior purchases. The design was the thing that really surprised me the most, at this price point I didn’t expect such a great design quality, and while the sound quality is not comparable to the high end gaming headsets, it provides what you expect and a little bit more at the price point. I will recommend this as a gaming headset that is worth checking out.






  • Great design
  • Affordable price

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