Expanding Your Gaming Range

Have you ever felt like you’ve already tried them all? Of course, I am referring to games… though the statement itself might not actually be true, the feeling is there and it’s not quite uncommon for it to happen (cue the “I have nothing to play” joke). And when it does, you need something fresh to try out – and that is how a lot of discoveries are made, not necessarily only related to gaming. In any case, any genre can get a bit stale if you repeat it too often or if you run out of new content, so on and so forth.

That happened to me last a couple of weeks ago. I just grew tired at that very moment of the daily MMORPG grind, didn’t feel like racing or playing a shooter, RTS, etc. Being bored, I started looking at the various adverts I usually ignore. A particular one looked something like Egypt (I saw a pyramid) and since I like history, I just went for it, to see what it is for, to pass the time. It was quite the surprise when I saw it was actually for a slot-machine game. Browsed some more on the site and I was amazed at how many of these slots were themed around pop-culture ideas, even game and film franchises. I never really gave any thought to gambling, but found out then that online casinos are a pretty well-running thing.

So, the game itself was called Book of Ra, and apparently, it is one of the most popular titles among gambling games of this sort. The settings is enjoyable and the mechanics aren’t too difficult to understand – turns out that this game from simpler times in the development of one-armed-bandits (as they are also called, referencing the lever they have in real casinos) is an actual good guide and starting point for gambling newbies. Biggest thing you have to do is check the symbols’ value-table and the specials or bonuses. I certainly didn’t think I’d go for this kind of thing, but it was quite the experience, something new nonetheless (though it might be smart not to invest in it right off the bat, as free playing can be found, or demos).

If you’re curious and want to see how it’s like yourself, you can do so over at https://www.starvegas.es/en/game/slot/book-of-ra/ if you’re downright feeling dull or if you just wanna add another page to your gamer book of genres played. Surely, gambling is a wide area, but ultimately the foundation it relies on is a collection of games (much more than slots, if you’re curious to explore more of this universe) – it’s worth a shot, just don’t get reckless about it… you know, as with everything else. Good luck and have fun!


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