PS4 Pro Features Worth Mentioning


PS4 Pro has been eagerly anticipated ever since it was announced and released in November 2016. It is an improved version of the PlayStation 4 with upgraded. Now it enables 4K rendering and it offers an improved PlayStation VR performance, including an upgraded GPU with 4.2 teraflops of processing power and hardware support for checkerboard rendering and a higher CPU clock.
PS4 Pro supports Remote Play, Share Play, and streaming at up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. 2160p screenshots, and 1080p video at 30 frames per second can also be captured via the share button.
We’ve offered a quick view of some Pro’s and Con’s:

Pro’s are mostly related to graphics and a sense of ease of use. It’s as simple as playing in the top online casinos.

  • The design is flawless. The white version looks especially good. It’s beautifully textured, so it means it would not get damaged easily. It will not look too worn out after you use it for a few months. The casing is durable and sturdy. It very nice and comfortable to play with, the controllers lie smoothly in your hands.
  • Initial setting up is very intuitive and easy and you see a significant increase in internet connectivity and speed. You can finish setting it up and downloading all the games you’d like really quickly.
  • The graphics look pretty impressive too. Gaming experience is seriously enhanced by a variety of miniscule detail. Some textures look lifelike. Of course, you need an adequate TV to really see all the improvements. If you’d like to enjoy PSVR headset the PS4 Pro can achieve that with the increase in the processing power.
  • It fully supports 4K streaming for Youtube and Netflix.
  • User interface has the same friendly design of the PS4. However, internal components of the console have been significantly improved.


Con’s focus mostly on low upgrade value for existing PS4 users. You get something extra for the additional money, but it’s not that flawless.

  • Many users will be disappointed to discover that this model does not play UHD 4K Blu-ray discs. It can be a major inconvenience to some.
  • It unfortunately possesses only a 1TB HDD which will fill rapidly. This is a major overlook by Sony and some users will seriously object to it. We all like our convenience when we play.
  • It’s definitely not a significant upgrade for existing PS4 owners with 1080p TVs, they can just play something simple like stargames casino. It can seem a bit redundant, but it will sure find it’s niche of prospective buyers.


The verdict is a bit ambiguous. It’s not a too pricey console and it offers a good user experience, especially with the advanced VR options. Those who do not have fully compatible TVs should reconsider. It’s an enjoyment to play with this console.

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