Cuphead Review Embargo Date Revealed. Here’s When Reviews Are Coming

Long in the works indie game Cuphead is finally launching on PC and Xbox One this Friday and we now know when to expect reviews to start hitting.

The embargo for Cuphead lifts on Friday, September 29th at 3AM Eastern time in the US and 7AM BST in the UK meaning that reviews will hit after launch in some regions.

Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to Cuphead.

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  1. not really, game art style is cool. but not enough to have me pick up a a metriod/megaman style side scroller. will be a pass for me.

    • Hands down the most unique indie game launching this year and its only $20, $17.99 on newegg. Money must be really tight if you are a gamer and not playing this game tomorrow…

      • Just because it is unique, does not make it a must buy.Money has nothing to do with it. I personally do not like side scrollers and do not like 2-d boss fights. (the two main gaming mechanics) The art style is interesting, nothing more. I remember the cartoons from the sixty’s (Watched the reruns growing up) But its not enough to make me revisit the side scroll-er era

        • To each their own. Just dont be mad at yourself when u decided to pass on what will most likely be Indie of the year. A side scrolling CO OP game. Something so rare these days. Enjoy your weekend..not playing cuphead.

        • To bad you maybe missing some of the best games this gen like Inside last year. But sure I get it. Never been a fan of Halo, but I know it’s a great game.
          So might be Cuphead. To each their own.

    • You sound like a shill. A person paid to come sites and detract from positive sentiment from a product. We have seen so much of this practice against MS this gen you guys cant really hide any more. The thing is when Shovel Knight came out didnt see any of these detractors, when Megaman Legacy came out we saw none of the detractors, when the new Metroid came and received solid reviews we still saw none of the detractors………….Cuphead comes out exclusive on Xbox One………… here we go.

      The thing that sticks out is that if you would have just said like in your second post “I dont like side scrollers” …..fine. But when say “its not enough” you are then implying that its the lack of something this style of game has shown that make it not up to par. Those are two very different stances. Because Cuphead could be the greatest side scrolling 2-d boss battle game ever made and you still wouldnt like as opposed to you would play the game but it was missing something. So I say we just chalk you up as a shill for the passers by so they dont take your comments serious.

      • Honestly, you sound like a bigger shill than he is. He expressed his disinterest in a product and gave a reason which is perfectly valid. You on the other hand literally wrote two paragraphs accusing him of being some kind of being a shill against a game that isn’t even out yet!

        The game looks good, but a lot of games have looked really unique and good but still played poorly, hopefully this one looks good and plays great, but there’s no need to attack people over it.

        • You clearly missed the big point of my comment…….. let me reiterate.

          If he would have just said “I don’t like sidescrollers” in the first place…. DONE. Not every one likes everything no matter how good.

          What he did was draw out and put in to question the product. Like it is missing something that could have sparked his interest….. that is FUD and that is what shills do.

          The reason I attack and go so hard is because we need to. I am not IGN, I am not Gamespot I am not a youtuber with millions of views (if only I had the time). This gen has been marred by social media so when I see a discrepancy I go in guns blazing killing everything. This is harsh and I am sure I over step my bounds but to be effective I am suppose to. The goal is next time someone even the last commenter goes to write something they are a lot more careful about what they do because we killin shills out here. That is the mission it pushes against the overwhelming hate we see these days. Just go over to N4g and look at anything Xbox One and you will see 90% negative information spewing no matter what. That is the culture I stand against. No shilling just ant a fair conversation with level playing field.

          • This issue is you calling anyone a shill who doesn’t want to play the game. Lost literally said she or he isn’t not interested in the game because of a dislike of side scrollerd. Is this game a side scroller? Yes. Does everyone like side scrollers? No.

      • Please, spare me the BS. Every waking second you guys are ripping against PS4 and it’s games also.

        • I don’t rip the Ps4…… the Ps4 is not the enemy. The mis information, false narratives, and negative culture that is pushed and nurtured is the problem and that is done by the Bias Gaming Media (sometimes with shills).
          The People that go at the Ps4 are just participating in console war high jinx…. some of them look right past the real culprit and don’t know to look there.

  2. Cant wait….. I am sure there will be a bunch of shills and negative nonsense reviews out there. Bias gaming media wont let MS have a straight win….. maybe with a 2d side scroller……… maybe.

    I actually hope this game is play anywhere.

      Make a great game then MS will get a “win”
      Hope this comes out excellent between this, Forza 7, Quantum Break, Gears, and XB1X and owning a 4K HDR TV.
      Perhaps it’s time to “jump in” argh sorry bout the last bit.

  3. Art style is fantastic. Here’s hoping the gameplay lives up the expectations set by the art.

    • ditto.

  4. Art is superb, gameplay looks too dull. I don’t think I want this game

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