4 Xbox One X Upgrades Over PS4 Pro That Prove It’s The Upgraded Console You Should Own

The Xbox One X release date is getting closer and closer, with it releasing in less than 2 months now. Since we are getting closer to the release date, we are starting to see more and more upgrades the Xbox One X will have compared to other consoles such as the original Xbox One and even the PS4 Pro. Here are 4 upgrades that the Xbox One X will have that the PS4 Pro doesn’t have.

1) Game Patches/Updates

As we all know, the Xbox One X will be receiving 4k patches for certain games on the Xbox One X. Even though the PS4 Pro has also received most of these patches, since the Xbox One X is much more powerful, this allows for developers to include even more detail into these games patches, or even consistent 60 FPS at native 4k. This is something that some games don’t have on the PS4 Pro, and will only be available on the Xbox One X.  One game we have seen recently that has much better graphical upgrades in game compared to the PS4 Pro is Rise of the Tomb Raider, and it was all made possible because of the extra power the Xbox One X gives to the developers.

2) Upgrades To Games That Don’t Receive Those Patches

One of the biggest things that the Xbox One X will bring us the ability it will have to “upgrade” games that don’t receive a patch from the developers. This is done through up-scaling. Even though the PS4 Pro’s boost mode enhances games that don’t receive patches, it still doesn’t work on the majority of games the same way that the Xbox One X will. This means that games won’t necessarily need a patch as all games will perform better on the Xbox One X than the original Xbox One, or even the One S.

3) Ability To Play 4k Blu-Ray’s

Unlike the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X will be able to play 4k (UHD) Blu-Rays. This may not be much of an interest to some people, however it is still a feature that the PS4 Pro is missing, although both consoles support 4k video streaming. So if you’re looking for somewhere to be able to play your 4k Blu-Rays, the Xbox One X will be the console you should go for.

4) Specs

The most obvious upgrade that the Xbox One X brings to its users over the PS4 Pro is the amazing specs. In terms of its specs and performance, the Xbox One X is much better than the PS4 Pro in all circumstances. Since the Xbox One X has better specs and will perform better than the PS4 Pro, this will make it the better console. We saw what the PS4 Pro could do for us in terms of performance, and since the Xbox One X is “better”, it can only mean that it should leave gamer’s speechless.

As I said earlier, the Xbox One X will be releasing very soon, so it is only a matter of time before we get to see the console unless its true power for our own eyes. What are your thoughts on the Xbox One X and the upgrades that it will bring over the PS4 Pro.

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  1. Cue hate in 3…2..

  2. You can try to write up this thing as much as you want, but the sensible and thinking gamer is going with PS4/Pro and Switch this gen. Games matter.

    • If games matter then any sensible gamer would go with an X for backward and forward compatibility alone. The X will have thousands of 360 games available on arrival smashing the game libraries of both those systems combined. Xbox gamers will never lose the games they purchase from the X onward because MS aren’t doing generations anymore. Our games will always play on the next new console.

      Further more, with full keyboard and mouse support on the way MS plans on bringing many previously non-console exclusives over to Xbox from the PC. Why would anyone want anything else? A handful of mediocre exclusives with most being JRPG’s and maybe 2 – 3 worthwhile purchases on the PS4 wont stand a chance.

    • I agree, games matter. Thats why owning an X makes the most sense. 99% of available games on the market are multiplat. That 99% will be better on the X 100% of the time.

      There are literally no good reasons to choose a Ps4 Pro over the X. The Pro is about $150 too expensive for what you get. Better choice all around to spend that $500 on an X instead of $400 on the Ps4 Pro.

      • dumbest thing I’ve read come from you and that’s saying A LOT!!!!!
        “there are literally no good reasons to choose a PS4 Pro over the X”… I can list several.. 1. Better exclusives… 2. The multiplat games will STILL have exclusive content ONLY ON PS4! 3. most of your friends probably have the PS4 so will have your community of choice (those 65+ million PS4’s aren’t magically gonna disappear lool) 4. Look to the future, The X will be the most powerful console for the remainder of this generation but what has MS got in store for its gamers in the recent future…? There’s literally no big name titles, meanwhile Spider-Man, God Of War, Death Stranding, Dreams, GT Sport AND THE LAST OF US 2 is literally coming out in 2018 or just over the horizon but at least we knowwwww they’re coming.. What baout Xbox..? What you think just because the X is gonna be released they will somehow change their approach to support…?

        You guys can keep talking about resolutions and how much more powerful the X is to the Pro but the simple truth is this whole gen you xbox gamers AND your savour Phil Spencer tweeted “Play the game and not the resolution” and now all of a sudden resolutions is all that matters…?

        • Bilal, why are you an insulting troll to people you don’t know? The PS4 Pro is an awesome system, I enjoy mine. GoW and Last of Us are only big exclusives that aren’t JRPG or RPG style, Horizon Zero Dawn was awesome too.

          I have found people are less douchy on xlive when I group with randoms (I understand this varies from person to person).

          Shooters are better on xlive because moderators prevent more cheaters. I will buy an 1X because I like having the best gaming platforms (I have a 1070 in my rig too).

          Moral of the story, both consoles are really good. 1X will be the superior platform to enjoy high res graphics for console gamers. PS interface is trash imo.

        • 1. Subjective
          2. Would rather a whole vanilla game be highest quality.
          3. Assumption
          4. Look to the future, as long as that doesn’t include leaving behind the outdated Ps4 & Ps4 Pro is the sum of this so called “reason”. You are drowning at this point.

          One might consider your reasons to choose the Ps4 Pro if they don’t mind a subpar gaming experience on hardware that is double the price of what it should be.

          • loool.. you sir have special needs! because you’re literally trying tooo hard to justify your reasonless opinion (no matter how stupid it is)…. PC has ALWAYS been the most powerful platform but there are MANY reasons not to choose PC so framerate and resolution cant be the difning factor lool

            And most importantly to your last point… for the last 4 YEARS xbox One has been the subpar gaming experience using your logic due to the fact it’s been the weakest console all gen with the worst ports… but for the past 4 years we haven’t had you on Disqus downplaying the Xbox One or the Xbox brand for it’s obvious hardware short comings and poor software but now all of a sudden having the best third party games is the only thing that matters…? while still maintaining the same level of poor software dedication from Microsoft…?

            Your logic just doesn’t make sense bro… honestly like im not even trolling now…?

          • lol just because you say something doesn’t make it true. You are babbling nonsense at this point.

          • great response lool… i love how you say that not realising how it easily applies to you you foool loool.

  3. Does it really matter anymore:
    Look at it this way:
    Checkerboard 4K rendering to native 4K is of diminishing returns. Let’s look at a beach it’s boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XBX vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can’t tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it’s a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV. So if XBX gives us more people on the beach, trash, umbrellas, coolers, shells, sand blowing around into peoples faces and dead starfish now your talking! Or will we get parity with XB1? Plus the diversity in exclusive games on the PS4, 3rd Party DLC first to PS4, Huge install base plus were your friends are. So there ya have it… A more powerful XB1X is not really going to move many back from a PS4/Pro or ones sitting on the fence waiting for the huge price drop. Sure many hardcore fans of Xb will pick one up plus some others.

    • I disagree. The PS4 had no big exclusives for almost 2 years and all we seen in that time was one article after another about it’s power advantage over the XB1. People bought it because games looked and ran better on it. People will by the X for the same reason. With an advantage of almost 2 teraflops in power and an extra 4 gigs of ram games will look and run better on the X no matter how much you desperately want to downplay that fact.

      • No big exclusives? Its been pretty loaded guess it depends on by what you consider big but in all honesty if the exclusives that the PS4 has been getting are not “big” to you then there are only about 10 “big” exclusive franchises between all 3 of the console makers.

        • I stated that as a fact because it is a fact it has nothing to do with personal preference. Of course that doesn’t include big third party games but the XB1 has them too. I’m talking about Sony’s first party games the games that PS fanboys always boast about as the reason why everyone should own a PS4 over an XB1. They didn’t exist for almost 2 years! Remember all the defense over Indies?

          • So I guess you are pretending that Horizon, Uncharted, Gran Turismo. Etc. Do not exist?

          • Not for almost 2 years! Were you just born yesterday?

          • What the freak are you talking about? Every one of those franchises has had or is having a release this year…. Those are just the very tip of the iceberg btw….

          • Your frigging clueless. smh

          • The one complaining about PS4 exclusives is calling someone else clueless. That is priceless.

          • Look, are you that triggered that it’s made you stupid? The PS4 lacked big exclusives at launch and for a long period of time after. That’s a verifiable fact and I can’t put that in any simpler terms. Ok? My point is that despite that, people still bought the damn console because it was more powerful than the XB1. The power difference is all the media talked about, besides the terrible messaging from MS.

      • bull… you people need to stop talking that sh*t… big exclusives just means games YOU personally dont think matter meanwhile those exclusives went on to sell well over a million units and enjoyed by a very large community of players… you people need to stop this ‘2 years’ BS ¬__¬

        • Whaa! “you can’t use those facts it’s unfair!” GTFO! XD

          • what… loool

      • Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 + The Lost Legacy MLB say hello.

        Plus a huge flood of other mid developer Exclusives, look at it this way:

        Exclusive Games: A1, B1, C1, D2, E2, F1

        Multi-plat 3rd Party AAA’s XX,

        (clearly players bought more than one XX AAA game, but for this example just one is used)

        Player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

        So All players picked up game XX

        While Player 1,2,5 Picked up Game A1, B1 +XX

        Player 6 picked up F1 +XX

        Player 3 picked up only C1 +XX

        Player 4 picked up D2, E2 +XX

        Exclusive Games Key: Letter Number = Game, and Console 1 or Console 2

        So while every player bought 3rd party game XX, most were steered in the Console’s 1 direction due to the choices in exclusives. Sure they did not sell as much combined as the XX game, but there was choice, a diversity of exclusives on console 1 that led more to buy that system.

        So yes, exclusives do matter quite a lot, plus…
        Sony just has it all this generation price/3rd party AAA’s DLC first to PS4, a diversity in exclusives, and yes even power, helped but was not the system seller.
        Plus MS last gen RLOD on the 360, end of 360 was very lacking exclusives. This gen a higher price, DRM policies, and continuing lack of exclusives, or sub-par exclusives. plus under preforming games has led to MS position. Releasing a still more expensive system with lack of exclusive games, with the faulty promise of true 4K in all the games. Good luck to them.

        • Comprehension says hi! You’re so triggered that you can’t even comprehend what I said.

          The PS4 had no big exclusives for almost 2 years after it’s launch while Sony pushed indies that whole time. You’re delusional if you think those indies have anything to do with the PS4’s early success. The PS4 was successful because it was more powerful than the XB1. Period! smh

          • wow…you gotta drill that salt outa yer butt, lol

    • The One X and PS4 Pro both are great for the price. If you prefer Xbox buy the One X if you prefer PlayStation buy the Pro. It really isn’t much more complicated than that. I love my PS4 Pro and will probably get a One X the first time it gets a good bundle or goes on sale. I do tend to agree that the One X isn’t really going to convert anyone from other platforms. Now that MS has this new hardware they are going to have to get their first parties into gear and start releasing games.

  4. I still think it’s pointless. My PC has dual GTX 1080ti’s through SLI. In every possible way my PC smokes the XBOX One X and PS4pro, but I still have a PS4 pro, Switch and XBOX One S. Trying to keep up with PC is never going to happen. It’s simply not cost effective in any way. I wish they would stick to what makes me want a console I the first place and focus on the games. I still feel the XBone was headed in the right direction before the S. Microsoft seemed like they were giving us all the features we wanted to compete with Sony. That was much more enticing to me. I’m seriously hoping Sony doesn’t feel the need to upgrade because of this. Load the console with games that I want and are fun and I won’t give a rat’s ass which graphics card it’s utilizing. Nintendo at least seems to be headed in the right direction.

  5. I completely forgot the X has blu ray and the pro doesn’t. I guess it’s more expensive also because of that

    • Yeah, the bluray drive in the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim is the same. Honestly I think it was a smart decision as I do not think most people care but in all honesty I would have preferred an option for 500$ to get 4K blurays to work.

  6. Um, the 4th point is redundant, specs are the ones that make the 1st two points.

    Anyways, the xbonex will be more powerful and it should! So, for those that want better graphics on mostly multiplatform games it should be the console of choice.

  7. Two can play this game.

    Both the XBone X and PS4 Pro will have a majority of its games at upscaled 4K.
    The paltry game library of exclusives the XBone X is stuck with?
    The HUGE player base the PS4(60 Million+) has over the XBone X?
    The ability to play Free to Play titles WITHOUT needing a monthly online subscription.
    A better UI menu system with no intrusive advertising cluttering it.
    Bluetooth peripheral support.
    A lower price than the XBone X. How about a $200 difference? Suddenly the weak advantages the XBone X doesn’t seem worth it.

    • 3 can play this game.

      -The X will graphically outperform both PlayStation consoles on EVERY multiplat release.
      – PlayStation exclusives make up less than 1% of the total games on the market, and are mostly niche titles as well.
      – With the Xbox, for $20 a person can have access to around 130 games for a month, as well as a nice discount on any game they enjoy and want to purchase.
      – Xbox has backward and forward compatibility for free.
      – The Xbox comes with a 4K Bluray player standard.
      – Xbox Live is the best online gaming service in the industry.
      – Both PlayStation consoles are overpriced in regards to value when compared to Xbox.

      • so then why does practically every exclusive break past the million units sold marker!? looool you’re actually just stupid you know lool…

        Backward compatability is a nice feature but practically useless on a system that’s supported well enough with current content…
        No one cares about Blu-ray support loool…

        You’re soooo far up MS ass you cant even see it!

        • Says the PS troll.

        • Y does it outsell? Because MS isn’t popular in 3rd world countries.

          • Europe is part of the 3rd world?

            Everywhere in the developed world has PS4 on top. Enjoy!

        • You are detaching yourself from the reality of the industry. A couple exclusives for any platform breaking 1 million sales is a drop in the bucket compared to the sales of even one popular multiplat title. The main diet of gamers are multiplats. Like it or not its the truth.

          Backwards compatibilty is also a big deal. No one should be forced to rebuy the license to play a game they already own. This isnt any different than not being forced to rebuy music, tv, and movie licenses over and over.

          No one cares about Bluray support? That is a blanket statement that is demonstrativly false. Its also a pretty convient rationilazation for someone who doesnt even have the option.

          Lastly, you should wipe Kaz Hirais’ balls out of your eyes because you are a known Playstation fanboy and fanatic.

          • although i do understand.. please remember that when it comes to games it’s ALL about the returns/profits, 3rd party studios/publishers have to spend a lot more money overall than first party studios/publishers to get their games to market and theres a much bigger expectation for those games to sell due to the multiple platforms that the game will release on, so these games breaking million sooooo often isn’t a drop in the bucket they are actually hitting targets and surpassing expectation which is a huge deal. Not every game is CoD or Assassin’s Creed in terms of expected sales and you have too far detached yourself from the reality of the industry to see this.

            Backwards compatibility is a nice feature but not a system seller Sony and Nintendo know this they’ve supported it long enough and not seen it pay off so whats the point..? it is undoubtedly great for consumers because choice and options are always important and Microsoft or any company that implements BC should be commended but by no means is BC this amazing feature that automatically makes the system a win because it’s honestly a feature that is severely neglected.
            In terms of Blu-ray support it is certainly not a blanket statement it is a fact… Blu-ray and DVD sales are at an all time low and the industry is basically dead.. i did a whole literature review at uni on the topic of ‘media consumption and the rise and potential fall of streaming services’ where i LITERALLY talk about the industry from VHS to Blu-Ray to Streaming lool trust me bro just google it it’s not hard!! as a WHOLE Blu-Rays, DVD’s people dont care about them! seriously google it…

            Lastly i know this is a logn as spost and i hope you do read it because even though we have opposing opinions you haven’t really personally disrespected me and it’s been quite fun discussing lool… i KNOW im a PlayStation fanboy i say it all the time but im a gamer first and i simply call out BS when i see it.. or i call out unfair wishy washy opinions and this is me doing that.

      • I can also twist around:
        -The PS5 will outperform all XBone X consoles on EVERY multiplat release.
        -PlayStation exclusives sell an incredible amount of copies and bring massive profits to 1st party devs.
        -On PSN you’re not saddled with EA Access or XBL game pass which take away from the games available on Game with Gold each month.
        -Xbox backward compatibility is limited in titles and not every game is available. Games like CoD BO2 is also infected with cheats and hacks from the Xb360 days.
        -4K bluray isn’t going to be popular. Access to a streaming library of 4K movies like Netflix is the future going forward.
        -PSN is the best online gaming service in the industry.
        -XBone X is going to be $150-$200 overpriced compared to the PS4 Pro while still struggling to provide native 4K@60fps performance.

        • lmao, I don’t think there is any need to point out everything that is wrong in your comment, no one on the planet is that blind.

  8. xbonex is for people who just aren’t technically savvy and don’t know how to PC game. The only reason PC gamers get the PS4 is for some pretty awesome exclusives. Xbonex doesn’t have exclusives and will never be as powerful as a gaming computer. It’s basically the best choice for stupid people.

    • The Xbox One X is the equivalent of a high end gaming PC, and also has the GPU equivalent of the Ps4 & Ps4 Pro combined (6TF = 1.8+4.2TF). The X is the best choice for anyone who enjoys quality console gaming, as well as any PC gamer that cant afford to spend $1,000 for a high end PC gaming experience.

      • i mean not really lool.. but were all entitled to our opinions 🙂

        • How is it not really? PS trolls are worthless.

          • So are Xbox Trolls like yourself.

          • “The X is the best choice for anyone who enjoys quality console gaming”
            This is not a fact this is an opinion… You’re quite clearly too stupid to function! ¬__¬

            Everything else is a fact but THAT part SPECIFICALLY is not a fact it’s an opinon… look at the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStaiton Vita… the Vita in All departments from graphics, resolutions, framerate screen and build quality the Vita absolutly destroys the 3DS but IS the Vita “the best choice for anyone who enjoys quality mobile gaming” NOOO of course not because the 3DS has the better library of games and better support…

            Do you need me to spell this out further for you or does your brain work now…? loool

        • Uhh, no. Specs are numbers, and numbers are not opinions.

          • “The X is the best choice for anyone who enjoys quality console gaming” this is NOT numbers.. this is an opinion… because for a LOT of us the most important reason for owning a console is to have the best games on it…

            If you said the most powerful console ever i would 100% agree heck go through my comment history and see everyyyyytimmeeeee i’ve EVER discussing the Xbox One X i ALWAYSSS say “it is the GREATEST console of all time! from a hardware perspective” i would never not think that, it’ simple maths and easy to see… but are higher framerates and higher resolutions more important than having exclusive experiences on my system even though 98% of the games industry is made up of multiplat games..? Certainly not because regardless those games will also appear on my console of choice too, they’re multiplats and thats the point of them…

      • Except I can’t play all those great playstation exclusives that dwarf the number of what xbox1 has to offer. Oh, but I can still play any xbox game on my computer since xbox1 has no exclusives now. If it’s a cost thing, I still think people would be better off saving for a PC. Getting a xbox really just proves logic is not your strong suit.

        • Why bother with a handful of graphically average exclusives(which amount to less than 1% of the total games on the market) when every multiplat going forward with be the best graphically on the X? As well, why spend around a $1,000 on a PC when you can get the same performance, and a 4K Bluray player, for $500 with the X.

          • ” graphically average exclusives(which amount to less than 1% of the total games on the market)” I hope you don’t believe the bullshit you’re spouting. Sony has some great exclusives, absolutely amazing games you can only play on the PS4. You can’t say that about xbox1; all games you get there can be played on a PC. Bluray? Are you looking for a console that plays video games or a video player? Still, the xbox1 will never have the power or play-ability of a PC. It’s just not a smart choice, but hey, the world is full of dumb people so they’ll still sell.

          • I believe its you who is spouting bull****.

            Lets not pretend that exclusives, for any platform and every platform, account for more than 1% of the total games on the market. Lets also not pretend that your opinion of any game is something more than subjective, because it isnt.

            What is factual is that 99% of available console games on the market(i.e. multiplats) will be superior on the X.

          • wow, delusional fucking fanboy. My opinion? Look at sales of games of the last 5 years. Look at how PS4 has crushed Xbox during this time in sales. That’s a fucking fact. You think this because PS4 because it’s a completely better system? I’ve never thought so, but I know, like the majority, there are games you can’t get on other systems. Or do you really just think the XB1 sucked in comparison to the PS4 and it was all about graphics, that’s why they’re coming out with XB1X. I really don’t know where you picked up your statistical bullshit, but XBX1 will never get to play 99% of what is available of games because it doesn’t have the same access to games as other consoles. Or do you think you can play Zelda on your Xbox? Doesn’t matter, you’ll continue to be stupid, and I’ll still be able to play any game you might have access on your inferior xbx1 on my superior PC.

          • Cry some moar!

          • Crying, wtf? The only person who could remotely be crying in this situation is you; I get all the games plus those you don’t because you decided to be a delusion xboner fanboy instead of just going where the logical fun is. Damn, stupidity runs deep with you. Enjoy your life, scrub.

          • Truth hurts huh?

          • The only truth is you’re an idiot.

          • Im not the one trying to get people to believe that a molehill is a mountain, thats all you.

          • Just by your answer, it’s clear you just don’t get it and would rather deflect the truth than accept that you’re a complete, and utter, idiot. You can enjoy what you want, but those who are smarter than you will enjoy so much more.

          • I get that you are a lying lil b****.

          • Aw poor baby, finally realizing how stupid you are. I like how you confirm your stupidity with your practically non-sequitur responses. Keep trying, it’s easy to counter with idiots like you since you lack the mental faculty to respond in anyway that would justify your point. Life must be hard for someone so inept.

          • lol its easy countering you because, like your gaming hardware, your arguments are outdated. Hmm, lets see generic online service, and outdated hardware loaded with mediocre Japanese software, OR world class online service, high end 4K HDR gaming, video, and superior western and European software? Ill take the steak and chips over the Ramen Noodles every time.

          • To counter me child, you would need to string together some comprehensive sentences, not ramble like an pathetic fanboy. I go where the games are, not the systems. You’re lack of comprehension and intelligence has somehow led you to believe that I’m just advocating for the PS4. Try to understand, I know it’s difficult for you, but this is about how I can play games on the PS4 and any XB1X games you’ll ever have access to on my computer. I have everything and lose nothing. You rant like an upset and confused child which does nothing more than identify yourself as an absolute idiot.

            With your last comments, now I see you’re stupidity is rooted with your racism. They usually go hand and hand and helps shed light on your dense being. Tell me, how does burger flipping pay someone like you these days?

          • lol Oh please weebo, you aren’t hiding where your loyalty lies. You would have to be a weebo to think sony has the best exclusives.

            Btw, Japanese isn’t a race, genius.

          • A weebo… is that more of your racist slang, bigot? Again, how is burger flipping, and generally, being poor and stupid working out for you? No one said Sony had the best exclusives, but they have a lot of extremely great games you can’t play because you’re quite stupid. Again, I get to play all the games while you get to enjoy your trashy life 🙂

          • I don’t think a handful of anime and niche titles can be defined as neither “a lot” or “great”.

          • Wow, you have a lot of hate, especially for Japan. I get it, you’re a blind xboner who hates anything Sony. Your fanboyism makes you bad enough, but do you need to punctuate it with bigotry and stupidity? I’m done; nothing is going to change the fact that you’ve chosen the path of being a loser.

          • lol whatever helps you get through day.

  9. What you purchase should be based on what you play, period.
    The X1X has superior hardware to the PS4 Pro.

    I own a killer PC (7700k/1080ti), which makes the X1X a bit of a waste for obvious reasons (I can play all the games on my PC). I chose the PS4 Pro for the games I can’t play.

    • If you have that setup y the need for PS4P? You can absolutely play PS exclusives on a pc. Seems odd to I that a person with that rig setup justifies as such. Cool story bro.

      • Re-read this part: “I chose the PS4 Pro for the game I can’t play”.

        Bloodborne, Uncharted, Horizons, etc.

  10. these are ALL very valid points…. however you people need to stop making such a big deal about “being able to watch blu-ray DVD’s” the whole DVD and Blu-Ray industry is dying and nobody cares about it (of course im being facetious but you get the sentiment)…

    • Tell that to the person forced to either pay overage fees on their data package, or upgrade their broadband service due to streaming 4K movies & tv shows that are double the file size of 1080p videos.

      • streaming owns the market! DVD blu-ray is dead plain and simple! people quite clearly choose to pay for better internet then buy bluray players because NO ONE CARES! like i dont even see how you can even attempt to argue this case loool it’s a literal fact!

        • Fact? That word don’t mean what you think it means.

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