Batman: The Enemy Within-Episode 1: The Enigma Review (Xbox One)

Batman: The Enemy Within has been out for over a month now and this sequel starts a year after the events of Batman: The Telltale Series. The first game tells of how Bruce Wayne’s parents were not the perfect charitable people that people were lead to believe but in fact were criminals or at least the dad was for sure.
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The first episode of The Enemy Within is about the Enigma or some of us might know him better as the Riddler. The game begins with Bruce Wayne stalking Rumi Mori at Mori’s casino. It’s at the casino where the Riddler comes in and he and his goons take hostages. Here comes in Batman. He tries to save the hostages and capture the Riddler with the help of Commissioner Gordon and some of the Gotham City police. However, the Riddler gets away but leaves a riddle and we get to meet the Agency who is lead by director Amanda Waller. Waller puts Special Agent Iman Avesta and her partner Vernon Blake in charge with working with the Batman on the Riddler case.
Now it comes to where you are lead to find the Riddler using the clue he gave you. Based on the choices made, there are people who get injured or killed while solving the Riddler’s quizzes. Also the choices that you made affects the relationships that you have with people. There is a point where you can choose whether to do something as Batman or as Bruce Wayne. After the final confrontation between Batman and the Riddler, the Riddler is killed by an unknown assassin with a poison dart. This is when the choices you made earlier in the game can come into play when Waller decides whether or not to demote Gordon. It ends when Waller gives Batman information about a lead on Dr Harleen Quinzel who was a former psychiatrist at Arkham and how she might be able to provide more information on The Pact that the Ridder had mentioned before he had died. Then Waller lets you know that she knows who Batman is.
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Overall: Being this is my first experience with a Telltale game, I find that it does remind me of the Life is Strange games and the Late Shift game in which you are given options and the game is based on the choices you make. I suggest that if you have experience with choice based games and like Batman, this is a good game to get into. The design of The Enemy Within is really darkish which I find kind of cool considering the story appears to fit the design. Though it did looked like a cartoon, more so the characters, which is a nice change of pace. The control scheme was easy and in the parts where they want you to move something or do something specific, I think they gave enough time for you to react before it happen. At first, I didn’t think that I would get into this game but as I played it more, the story seemed to grab my attention and now I am interested in seeing what the next episode of The Enemy Within has in store.
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I would give Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1: The Enigma an 8.5/10

*Note: A copy of this game was provided for the review

You can purchase Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 here.

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