Why Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Will We Better Than The First

Oh my god! What is that!! As I turned my character the other way and ran to the nearest and hopefully protective cover to inspect it much better. Once in my safe space, I finally got the chance to discover what had been chasing me. The infamous Panzerhund. These big metallic dog monstrosities are the pride of the Nazi party in Wolfenstein. They chase and maim anything in their path and after seeing one of these, I was hooked. That little moment of “oh hell no!” and giggles, made me dig deeper into Wolfenstein: The New Order. Now with the sequel on its way out in October of this year, here are a few reasons why the second one will blow the socks of William J Blazkowicz again (maybe).




Based in the US of A
If you missed the reveal at this year’s E3. Bethesda showed of a few awesome clips and trailers (did you see that monkey cat thing???). The trailer itself shows you so much in 8 and half minutes! It looks amazing. The Nazi’s have taken over America and you are introduced to what life is like under the occupiers. You watch street parades and how citizens are being ordered to conform to the German way. Your job is to join the resistance in America (very much the French in WW2) and expel the forces that are forever alert of your presence. The area looks amazing and detailed, with humour and aggression blended brilliantly in the opening trailer. On the humour side of things, the resistance members perform hilariously in the face of adversity when they first come across William.


Blast From The Past
Dual wielding is back and this time you can do it in a wheelchair!!! Joking aside, the akimbo gameplay is brilliant. Mowing down enemies with both magazines emptying quicker than you can take a shot of Sambuca! Our favourite Panzerhund is back, with a trailer all to itself on how they can work with suppressed population and how taming them is not that easy. Obviously, this wasn’t in game footage and more of a mix of 1960’s advertisement and CGI, but wouldn’t that be cool sending one of these around as your buddy o’pal. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Your mistress/girlfriend/plaything, Anya is back with BJ and the resistance and she announces she is pregnant with twins…. Maybe they hook up with daddy in a sequel and it’s a family day out killing Nazi’s?? who knows. But on the topic of returning characters, Max Hoss…. MAX HOSS, MAX HOSS is back (the guy is like Wolfenstein’s Holdor for you Game of Thrones fans). Our rescued prisoner from the previous instalment, Bombate is back and I am sure he brings back his relaxed African attitude with him. Our energetic Scottish friend Fergus returns with a robotic arm who just wans to keep slamming biscuits in his face (see the trailer) and finally our nervous friend Wyatt, who seems to have a thing for taking acid and hallucinating, which is funny as hell.
With all your buddies back, you’re on the road to retaking America back from the clutches of the Nazi occupiers.


Weird Indestructible Metal Suit a.k.a The Iron Giant
In the trailer, you are spotted wearing an alien like, metallic suit. It looks indestructible but I am guessing in the game it won’t be that way. None the less, it looks incredible and with it piercing the clothes off BJ, I’m sure it has a mighty punch behind it. I don’t know at what point you acquire this suit or how you come across it, but you will be using it at some point.


Your Nemesis Returns!
Remember that horrible woman you met in the New Order, firstly on the train with her calling her young lover ‘Bubi’ all the time (cringe) and the second time you meet her is with half her jaw missing after being crushed by robotic arm. . . Well . . . She is back, but this time as the main antagonist. That’s right, Frau ‘Irene’ Engel, is gunning for BJ and she will stop at no cost to find him. She also brings along her daughter, Sigrun. Now with her face fully reconstructed and her ego re-intact, she is going to come at you with everything she’s got and as she has been promoted to Obergruppenfuhrer (or Lieutenant General to you and I), no expenses have been spared.


Wolfenstein 2 looks like another fantastic installment on an up and down franchise. With Bethesda and MachineGames delivering a probably masterpiece, I am sure it won’t let us down. I will leave the link to the trailer here and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus release October 27th 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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