Hands On With Detroit Become Human – A Must Own Title For The PS4

Playstation had without a doubt the biggest booth on all of GameForce, with many chances to test out their VR headset and even a nice Gran Turismo contest where you could win a PS4 and a few copies of the game.

GameForce Playstation Queue

But my biggest take-away from their stand, and yes, perhaps the entire show, was Detroit Become Human. While no one seemed to be really queing up for this one, it was the game that left the biggest impression on me of the entire Show!

Detroit Become Human

The booth had 8 PS4’s set up to run the game and they made the correct choice of having people complete a short but sweet demo of the game. It was the exact same demo that you may have already seen from E3 footage, but what truly amazed me was how many different possible endings there were to it.

As testified in the above video where a simple missed Quick time event ends in a failed mission. I was playing the game with two other friends and we each had a different result.

Many factors seem to be taken into account in deciding the outcome you get: you can spend quite some time talking to people or investigating the crime scene, and while this may get you the best possible information it also costs you valuable time.

The set up: you play as an Android Investigator (that is, an android who investigates, not a human investigating androids) and you arrive to a crime scene. Several cops have already been shot and an Android Caretaker is on the balcony holding the girl he’s been caring for captive.

Will you go over all the little details at the crime scene and use your analytical skills to reconstruct what has happened in this appartment so far? Or will you trust your instincts and trust that you can get the “good” ending either way? If you take your time, you learn valuable info like the suspect’s name and the name of the child he’s holding, helping you create a bond with them both. But if you take too long, things may just go south (or in this case, down) either way.

Seeing so many different possible outcomes in such a short demo (5-10 minutes) really has me anticipating the full release. Playstation 4 owners can’t afford to miss out on this one. And if you don’t have a PS4 yet, you may need to start considering the purchase!

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