Nintendo Switch Version Of FIFA 18 Suffering From Horrifying Face Glitch; Here’s A Look At Images

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 seems to be suffering from some kind of bug with players faces not loading, and instead the default model face is showing up which is kind of horrifying. The bug doesn’t seem to be happening in any other modes other than a normal match, and it seems to happen when downloading a squad update, and turning on live form.

Here’s a look at the images which we captured ourselves on the Nintendo Switch. As a side note I want to personally say that the Switch version of FIFA 18 has been great so far other than this strange issue, and that this shouldn’t cause a negative response about the game of the Switch. Our review will be going up next week, and I guarantee it will be very positive.


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  1. So what should I do to avoid this issue

    • Wait for a patch

      • I think thats a special feature just for halloween…

  2. good ol’ EA

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