Xbox One X – First Hands On Impressions

I got to go to GameForce 2017 in Belgium today and it may come as no surprise that what I was looking forward to the most was getting my hands on an Xbox One X.

The Xbox booth had 6 regular Xbox One X set up and 3 DevKits. On the regular version (or on the PC’s present if you so chose) you could get some hands on experience with Forza7 running on “the Beast”

Forza7 3

And it looked every bit as stunning as you would expect. The footage taken with my camera truly doesn’t do it justice when you see it in action. And the best part: they were just running this on Samsung 4K TV’s (but the Cheaper $500 models like the UE40KU6000). I can’t help but wonder (and drool) when thinking about how this will look on my OLED 4K and HDR Philips with Ambilight.

Forza7 4

The reflective screens and the lighting present made it hard to capture decent footage though. But you’ll have to trust me when I say the level of detail is stunning.

AC Origins 6

On the Devkit you could also play Assassin’s Creed Origins and it may just have been the best looking game in the entire showroom – Just check my impressions of it here

AC Origins 5

Though I will forever regret that the regular version of the Xbox One X doesn’t come with this little display. It’s a nice touch and I would’ve gladly paid a small premium to have this option on mine.

SoW 2

The other two Devkit versions were running Shadow of War. A game that didn’t end up impressing me as much as Assassin’s Creed, strangely enough. You can read my thoughts on it here.

But nevertheless, the game also looked stunning with a great amount of detail. What was especially noticeable was that the Xbox One version of it was running smooth like butter, while the PC version of the game that was playable at the Shadow of War stand had various issues. We noticed frame-rate issues, screen-tearing and the game almost coming to a halt when too many enemies were on screen.

While we don’t have specs on what kind of gear they were using to show the PC version of the game, that’s already one reason why the Xbox One X version is ahead: the console owners will not have to worry about having the ideal set-up and MicroSoft’s “Most Powerful console ever” will run it straight out of the box.

It was a shame they didn’t have any already released games like Rise of the Tomb Raider running on them, so I would have been able to compare the experience with a game I’ve played extensively.

But still, today has got me expecting that 7 November release date even more and I can’t wait to see what other games will be in store for us in the coming months and years.

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    You all take it as the Xbox One X is better than a PC. Instead of “the game isn’t optimized on PC yet”.

    • Late in stage for that, but nonetheless console versions are easier to Dev for because set spec to dev for. Pc gaming has many configs

    • This pic came from E3 2013!!! SCUMBAG HATER!!!

  2. It’s nice to see a new console that can actually compete with good PCs. It’s just a shame that it’s wasted on a mid-generation upgrade and not a true next-gen console.

    • Its probably too early to speculate how future hardware will be handled, but the mid-gen upgrade idea is something new in console gaming. Clearly there is a reason that it exists in this generation, “why” and “will this continue” are the questions that need to be answered. It is possible that console generations in a traditional sense are coming to an end.

  3. This site is despicable. Worst trolling site on the web.

    • Digital Foundry made similar claims regarding Tomb Raider, that it actually ran better on the ‘X than PC. I’m guessing you’re a PC cultist who’d rather see bad press for the ‘X. BTW I mainly PC game.

      • Rise of the Tomb Raider many drops to 20 fps in 4k mode on xbox one x according to Digital Foundry. Take that L looser.

      • I rather see truth than Over hype on this X system

        • No need to over analyze really. We’ve seen enough to know what the ‘X is capable of without it being trivial at this point. If you want the best console for your 4k TV then it’s the console to get. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

          • Yeah its not for me my PC will handle third party and MS exclusive my 4ktv very well at 1440p 60 and some 4k60 on my 1080ti( I’m not playing no games at 30fps at 4k no way) and my ps4 pro will handle first party exclusives only. Xbox will handle third part games best on consoles no deny that.

          • I mainly PC game at 1440p 90hz, but if I had a 4k tv the last f’ thing I would do is connect my PC to it. I like to use my PC as a PC too, plus I game on a gaming monitor. Very different from a TV, but consoles are built for the living room. Wireless keyboard and mouse from the lap? no thanks.

          • Ok I don’t choose to game on a monitor why because I like gaming on 65in tv’s. Second I do not game using a keyboard I use my Xbox controller or ps4 controller so I don’t know BS trying to push here. PC can game at the comfort on couch so stop spreading BS

          • Most people like gaming on their TVs using controllers. They just choose the platform that caters to the living room 100% both functionally and aesthetically. Something they can go from power on to power off via the controller/couch. PCs cater to the desk, and most want to also use their PCs as PCs. Try booting into your OS on a 4k TV from the couch. Good luck. If that’s what you want to do then great for you man.

      • Your outdated chart is incorrect since it has been proven by many users on Youtube that a GTX 1060 runs Forza 7 ultra settings 60 fps. Furthermore, a patch is coming to improve the performance on PC even further. Yep, even a GTX 1060 murders the xbox one L. Take that huge L and enjoy your frequent drops to 20 fps in TOTR and Halo wars 2 uneducated looser.

        • lol are you going to start crying? The X must make whatever potato powered platform you game on look really bad. I can see the hurt in your post. Does it feel like the X just laughed at your small penis?

    • You don’t have a powerful PC you broken Sony Poopny so gtfo and kindly take the L cause your POSbore4 Protato can’t handle more than 1440p ???

    • If this story seems despicable to you, in two months the entire multiplatform gaming media will seem despicable to you.

  4. Sony Poopnies can’t catch a break, the industry has spoken about the beast the XboxOneX is boom all Sony Poopnies sound like popcorn ???

  5. Meanwhile, Digital Foundry says the “beast” was running Rise of the Tomb Raider, a 2 year old game, at 4k/25fps. Quantum Break isn’t even native 4k.. hmm so much for the “uncompromised 4k” claims.

    • Where are your fake upvotes? ??? the PSbore4 Protato was surely running Tkmb Raider at 1080p checkerblurry to 1440p at 15 fps ???

      • Nice deflection xbot, the Pro is a mediocre mid-gen upgrade, but Microsoft is calling their new console an “uncompromised 4k beast” and I’m sorry to tell you that it’s packing a weak ass CPU that is holding it back. Running games better than PC, lmao what a bad joke.

        • You don’t need to hide Ratvolverocetloser your idiotic comments give you away ??? how is your 1440p heckerblurry Psbpre4 Pro doing? ???

      • Just to butt in here – TR on the Pro is a CB 2160p (so a native 2160p resolution but half the pixels are rendered and the other half are generated based on the previous frame – go read up on it as it seems you don’t understand CB) – and performance wise it ran at a smooth 30fps. True the X is supposedly a native 2160p (something we will see when the full game is out there and not small segments) yet runs worse – so it shows, just like Halo wars 2, the devs are pushing the resolution with the sacrifice of framerate – at least on the Pr most devs optimised to make it the best of both.

        Also, you shouldn’t make fun of the pro being ‘blurry’ as the PC at high settings looks exactly like the Pro – why? Because in the small demo sections of TR on the X they have turned off all post processing, so no motion blur, no depth of field, no adaptive texture filtering…. These should all be turned back on in the final version which will make the game look just as ‘blurry’ as the other versions. To prove this a guy took a screenshot of TR on PC in 4k with all the post processing options turned off and it looked even better than the X, yet you could still see that that’s what the X is currently doing.

        • Yes, Tomb Raider on Xbox X was rendered in 2x higher resolution than on PS4 Pro. And of course with better textures. Xbox X is 2x faster in nearly every game

          • Ty for proving how shitty ROTR runs on xbox one L. Frequent drops to 20 fps in 4k mode. LMAO what a joke that console already is.

          • The joke is 1080p to 1440p checkerboard ???

        • Sony fanatics have a little over a month to kick and squirm about comparisons between the X and Ps4 Pro, then the death grip will be applied. Maybe that isn’t the rated G metaphor for what is coming, but its true nonetheless.

          As I have said over, and over, and am now blue in the face. The difference in power between the X and both the Ps4 & Ps4 Pro isn’t the tiny 0.6 TF we saw between the Ps4 and original Xbox 1. The X has the GPU equivalent of both the Ps4 & Ps4 Pro combined. 6TF = 1.8 + 4.2TF. This is an unarguable fact, and the results will also be an unarguable fact.

          • So a day later and still crickets.. what happened? I thought I was a “babbling liar” that posts fake evidence? No more mental gymnastics to pretend I’m lying? Just silence, go figure..

        • Good story, I wonder where you get all your BS from? 1080p checkerboarded to 1440p looks better than Native 4K? ???

          • You really are stupid aren’t you?

            TR on the pro Isn’t 1080p CB to 1440p – because that’s not how CB works…. 1440p I said 2.5k and 1080p is 2k. CB generates half the pixels so ‘if’ it wasn’t 1440p CB then it would be a 1.25k base pixel generation. Which it isn’t.

            But regardless of that – TR not the pro is CB 2160p – not 1440p. So, like I said, 1/2 the pixels are rendered and 1/2 created based on the prev frame. Seriously, go read up on checkerboard because you are showing how ignorant and stupid you really are.

            Plus, would you rather have a game that ‘looks’ best (in terms of consoles, not PC) or ‘plays’ best? The majority would say Plays best.

          • I’m not stupid to believe an inferior hardware will have the better looking version of a game as you stated ??? and your PSbore4 Protato can’t do more than 1440p checkerblurry so deal with that while i laugh at you ???

      • Yep, it’s not 4k. Thanks for illustrating my point.

        • so what? it’s 3 times better, but not 4 times better, and that’s a fail? shut up, peasant.

          • I thought it was marketed as a 4k system, salty moron.

          • it is a 4k system. they never claimed every single game ever made would run fine in 4k @ 60 fps. BUT, most will.

          • I didn’t say at 60fps, that would be unrealistic. It’s clearly going to be a more powerful console, just not native 4k across the board as we were led to believe, that’s it.

          • When were we ever led to believe everything would be 4k 60fps. That’s only been coming from Sony trolls

    • Digital Foundry also said that Quantum Break to this day can bring a high end PC to its knees.

      • It’s a demanding game sure, doesn’t change the fact that the whole “uncompromised” promise backfired. This console can’t handle it.

        • The X is the equivalent of a high end PC, with a 4K Bluray player. That is about as “uncompromised” as someone can get.

          • Yeah that’s not what they meant though.

          • Would mind directly quoting what they said in the appropriate context?

          • What do you mean in the “appropriate context”? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, then you know they’ve repeatedly claimed this is the “true 4k” and “no compromises” console.

            But you can go watch the E3 2016 Scorpio trailer for starters, and skip to 1:00 – and this is only one example.


          • Thank you so much for posting this video, and for proving my point. Nowhere in this video did they say “uncomprimised 4K”, nor “all games in true 4K”. They did say every game at the highest resolution and framerate in the context of console gaming.

            All of you babbling liars watch this video. Im not asking, Im telling, because from here on when you start throwing around the words “uncomprimised 4K” and “every game in true 4K” Im going to post this video and show the world what a fanboy crybaby you are.

          • I knew you were going to defend this, being the pathetic corporate slave that you are, it doesn’t matter how much you have to spin the facts so they can fit your argument.

            “The highest res, the highest framerate, no compromises” – so yeah by all means watch the video, everyone, because anyone that isn’t a rabid fanboy in denial couldn’t say with a straight face that Microsoft hasn’t been touting “true 4k” at every opportunity, btw I could link to more articles where Microsoft Execs talk about it, they’ve thrown jabs at the competition for not delivering that, of course I won’t bother because I know you’ll keep doing mental gymnastics to pretend that I’m lying. I genuinely feel sorry for people like you.

          • if you care about that, lol, get a PC. I have had “uncompromised ” 4k for 3 years now…Now it’s 4k, HDR, 60fps locked, no dips…. STEP YO GAME UP, son.

          • That’s not the point “son” I’m a console gamer and happy with what I have, simply pointing out they’re not deliving exactly what they promised.

          • No, actually what you inadvertantly did by posting that video was point out that Microsoft is delivering exactly what they said they would with the X.

          • Yeah they are delivering exactly what they promised, if you have your fanboy goggles on and stay in denial.

          • “Fanboy goggles” is a metaphor for not being able to see the truth due to bias.

            You are denying the factual proof of what Microsoft said in the video you posted. Is “delusional” too strong of a word here? How about misunderstood? Im willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

          • I’m going to give you one more chance with another example I just posted in another reply, I’ll be curious to see if you still believe I’m delusional.

          • What exactly was promised?

          • You posted the video, I watched it in its entirety. The claims about “uncomprimised 4K”, and “all games will be true 4K” that you and your ilk are making are not in it.

            That isnt my fault, its your fault for putting words into peoples mouthes that they didnt say. You were probably thinking everyone would be too lazy to watch the video.

          • You can keep tap dancing all you want like a disingenuous fanboy who pretends that what I’ve said has never ever been implied at all, if it makes you feel better.

            it’s laughable to see you try so hard to defend the fact that this was supposed to be the true 4k system. And I shouldn’t have posted that video (or anything else really) knowing that you’re a member of the damage control brigade that’s only going to waste my time.

          • Explain how I am somehow disingenous when the video itself, that YOU posted mind you, contradicts what you are declaring Microsoft has said in regards to the performance of the X.

            By the very definition, the one being disingenous is YOU genius.

          • It contradicts nothing, you’re either deliberately slow or just dumb. I’m guessing it’s the latter, so let’s go to exhibit # 2:

            Screenshot below, that’s Mike Ybarra talking about the Xbox One X at E3 2017 ?


            Like I said, more where that came from. Looking forward to your spin on this one, because I’m sure I must be taking it out of context too…

          • Liar liar liar liar

          • So someone running a 1080 isnt high end according to you? Ok I see what Im dealing with here.

          • When did I say that Sir. Continue your lies. Liar liar liar

          • john
            Not a liar it’s called an opinion dummy. An opinion based off what you would consider ‘high end’. Accusers are usually the biggest offenders.

      • So your point X is not doing any better nor giving 60fps and also not running native resolution

        • My point is that unless someone has a +$1,000 rig, they arent going to have 4K 60fps either.

    • Don’t forget that Halo Wars 2 drops to 20 fps on the crappy xbox one x.

      • Just imagine what the framerate would be on the Ps4 Protato or a mid-range PC.

        • Nope couldn’t imagine fanboy

          • More like it hurts to imagine, right?

  6. Horrible damn article now that this X which typical a mid range gpu inside is outperforming PC you can’t just generalize it like that. There seem be agenda now I see X performing better than the PC . First the assassin crap now this I wonder what is next.

    • Xbox X is faster than GTX 1070 – check Forza benchmarks. I don’t call “GTX 1070” a mid range gpu even if I know that it is slower than new console

      • Prove that sir is the system yet no. So an rx 480 which is basically the Xbox gpu ( I don’t even want to mention that weak ass CPU) is faster than a gtx 1070 ok fanboy

        • No, Sp4ctro is correct. The GPU in the X has a significant advantage in memory bandwidth over the 1070. Anyone can look this information up. I suggest you do so instead of throwing a tantrum like a 5yr old.

          • Oh so bandwidth is a huge significance( so this what gives the power edge) get out of here dude to stay with your close system. Tired of you fanboys that can’t experience both platforms which I have a ps4 and a PC so I can attest to what I know

          • You clearly aren’t as sharp as you think.

          • Ok. Enlightened me sir

          • Do you not know what memory bandwidth is?

          • The 1070 has Delta Color Compression tech which the xbox one L does not have Meaning less memory bandwaitch idiot.

          • And less memory bandwith means bottlenecks genius.

          • You I know what memory bandwidth is and its importance so ok it draw out a faster pipeline in higher quality images. The memory bandwidth on consoles have to be shared between the GPU and CPU so the CPU has to use memory too so what ever MS is showcasing is not the ideal bandwidth of the gpu of the X. The GPU on the X is just a modified version of rx 580, X has more cores but less clockspeed

          • You are a moron. Memory bandwith is the amount of data that can pass between the cpu and gpu. It works this way no matter the platform. Less memory bandwidth creates a bottleneck if either components greatly outclass the other.

            The 1070 set up you see wannabe techies cobbling together trying to match the performance and price of the X are garbage. The 1070 has 256GBs memory bandwith, the X has 326gbs. What this amounts to is in order for the 1070 to compete its going to require a lot of RAM, like 16GB of GDDR5, and that still wouldnt be the ideal solution. Better idea just to buy a 1080.

          • All talk no show when this hype shit comes out and the results are not compared to nor beating mid to high end pc I what BS you other fanboys will have.

          • The X is already performing equal to high end PCs in several of the analysis videos done by Digital Foundry. Its not some kind of secret hidden away that people cant see for themselves, the videos have been on youtube for awhile now.

            Going forward performance should increase as games are built utulizing the hardware during development instead of patching games post release.

          • Yeah ok keep dreaming on system that is locked. You are full of shit.

          • The Digital Foundry videos are there for the world to see idiot. Whine like a lil b**** all you need to.

      • A GTX 1060 runs Forza 7 60 fps 4k ultra settings with better antialiasing than the one found in the Xbox one X version of the game. Take that L. Your average PC is going to murder the xbox one x in 2018. Take that L.

  7. Shadow of War is going to run 60 fps + on PC while the inferior version (xbox one x) is going to be limited at 30 fps. Take that huge L xfags.

    • You already toom the L cause you don’t have a Powerful PC and your PSbore4 Protato will not do more than 1440p checkerblurry ???

  8. By Son Lad on Youtube :

    If you seriously think that a console is going to beat PC in new releases then you’re lying straight to the faces of your fanbase. This article does not account for many things, even saying it in the article, like specs and that games are usually finished for console before PC, this has happened with PC a lot. I cannot wait, just cannot wait until this thing comes out in November and then any game released after that on PC will look and perform better on in comparisons.

    Wise words by a wise man.

    • The XboxOneX version of games will not beat the version of a 10K PC, but it will beat the heck oit of the Psbore4 Protato ???

  9. So from Philly boy and M$ touting 4k 60fps….its now all gone wuite on that front. While M$ shift all resposnibility to developers as usual. Maybe they’d have more luck if they didnt keep killing off their IP and 1st party studio. Still it’s only really about the $ for M$ and Xbox devsions. And they need to recoup the losses somehow.

    Christ the xbxo devsions is still hameroing money. Lucky it’s got M$ still covering its back over 10 years later, otherwise it would have dies long ago. Best place for it too.

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