Top 5 Scary Games to Play Using Your Xbox One Headset

Scary Games to Use with Xbox One Headsets

Games are known to induce a roller-coaster of emotions that provide diverse experiences that can range from entire new lives to completely new identities. Video games are capable of making players feel a wide range of emotions and the games on this list will make you feel dread, fear, excitement, and panic. The growth of the scary genre has taken off in recent years and there has been a huge influx of new games that can terrify and engage the gamer—from the new addition of Resident Evil 7 to the Silent Hill franchise. These series are expanding their technology to include shifting rooms, more intelligent AI, virtual reality, realistic graphics, and increasingly immersive sound. Not only are the established horror game companies upping their game, more and more indie studios are entering the horror market with these new elements that really push the boundaries between real life and gaming.

These new technologies are not for PC gamers only, more and more of these engaging elements are coming to console games and this list will focus on not only the best scary games for Xbox One gamers, but also which games truly take advantage of the users who have Xbox One headsets.

Why You Need Xbox One Headsets for Scary Games

Xbox One gamers know the true pain that accompanies sitting in the middle of your living room, completely engaged in the game’s story, and then being interrupted by outside noise, family members, or roommates. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of that ambient noise—Xbox One headsets. Not only do they keep the ambient noise down, Xbox One headsets can remove distractions like your cell going off or notifications pulling you out of the game. Furthermore, the best Xbox One headsets offer you true surround sound that lets you hear the precise location of the monster so you can avoid it or be prepared to fight back!

We highly recommend picking up a good set of Xbox One headsets before sitting down and playing the games on this list. Xbox One headsets can truly improve your gaming experience and remove all outside annoyances when playing the games on this list.

Xbox One Headsets can be the difference between a good experience and a great one. This is why we highly recommend grabbing a set if you do not have one! Now onto the list of the top scary games to use with your favorite Xbox One Headsets.

Layers of Fear

This game came out last year in February and is truly terrifying. In this game, the user controls a mentally disturbed artist who is trying to finish his last great piece. Throughout the game the user has to deal with constantly shifting rooms and a constantly shifting reality to uncover the real story surrounding the painter. This game is a fantastic example of a psychological horror that bases the ending off the choices the player makes while playing. It has a hard-hitting storyline that draws the player to continue playing to understand the full mystery.

What makes this game a perfect choice for people who use Xbox One headsets is its excellent use of sound design that places the user directly into the environment. With surround sound, you can hear the sound of a distant door shutting, moaning from a side door in front of you, and the quiet scratching far off in the distance.

Resident Evil 7

This is the first game in the Resident Evil series that really returns to its roots. The player plays as Ethan Winters, a husband on a hunt for his missing wife. This game takes place on a run-down plantation of a family of infected people who are there to stop Ethan from rescuing his wife and escaping alive. This game balances combat with cinematic cutscenes to give off a truly terrifying vibe.

This game is great all around to play when you need a good fright but it also has many different sounds and scares. From buzzing bugs flying overhead to sludge monsters, you can hear every sound. Using a headset with surround sound can make it feel like you are directly in the action and will give you the ability to hear every close encounter and the distance between you and the next scare.

The Walking Dead

This game is truly engrossing with a highly interactive storyline that puts you directly in the Walking Dead universe. It is an episodic game that makes you want to binge watch each episode to find out what happens next. You play as Lee Everett who is a convicted criminal who must protect an orphaned little girl during the zombie apocalypse. This game is unlike most scary games on this list because it is not a puzzle game but a story driven choice-based game. Each choice gets progressively harder with the player being forced to make more and more choices that have life or death repercussions.

This game does not necessarily require Xbox One headsets for the best sound experience but you will not want to be distracted during the emotional or high intensity scenes that really showcase this game.

The Evil Within

With The Evil Within 2 out, it is time to start with the first of the series. This is one of the newest series by the game director Shinji Mikami, one of the most famous game designers out there and was the original designer of the Resident Evil series. The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror with terrifying monsters and a great combat system. The atmosphere is creepy and the monsters are legitimately terrifying.

This game is fairly gory with some truly nightmarish monsters that only Shinji Mikami could create. The visuals are not the only impressive aspect of these monsters though, with highly detailed sound and ambient noise, you can truly hear each monster’s’ unique sound effects that push the envelope of immersion.

Outlast 2

This game is more in the vein of Resident Evil 7 and was designed to make gamers suffer. The player starts as a journalist who is investigating the murder of a pregnant woman and ends up crashed among a cult where he has to survive and save his wife. Although Resident Evil and Outlast have similar stories, they have core differences that make both extremely entertaining and scary to play.

This game really differentiates itself using sound by making it a key component of identifying monster locations. Many times, this game will be heavily shrouded in darkness or you will have to hide somewhere and be able to tell when the coast is clear. As a reporter, you get access to a camera with both night vision and a highly sensitive microphone to help you but with a draining camera battery, you will often have to make quick decisions based solely on sound. Having good quality Xbox One headsets can really benefit you here.

Horror games have such a wide range of styles and game play. Not all of them require Xbox One headsets to experience fully but many provide you a level of immersion you cannot reach otherwise. Having great sound quality, surround sound, and noise cancellation can benefit you in almost every game though, so purchasing a good set of Xbox One Headsets can improve your overall gaming lifestyle. So, go out, play those horror games, and be terrified by the heart pounding action.

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