How the online casino phenomenon has redefined mobile gaming

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Mention the phrase “mobile gaming” and what do you think of? Candy Crush? Angry Birds? Or maybe you picture commuters sitting on the train to work, furiously harvesting their carrots in the latest iteration of the ever-popular Farmville.

The latter gives the closest clue to the direction that mobile gaming is taking, as the smartphone revolution has made gamers of a whole new demographic. The very word “gaming” might sound like something connected with kids, but there are more adult gamers than ever. As a result, a whole new sector of adult-only online casinos has sprung up over the past few years.

An exploding market for online casino games

You only need to switch on the television to get an idea of how big the online casino market has become. From online bingo to sports betting to traditional casino games like slots and roulette, the options are huge. The casino database at runs through some of the most popular, but even this is only scratching the surface of what has become a global phenomenon.

So where has this popularity come from? In the most part, it was already there. There is a strong appetite for the casino, which has been given an almost mystical reputation with its exotic representation in movies and popular media. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening of adventure in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas given half a chance?

And chance is the operative word. Even a night out at the casino in your local town is something that might sound fun but you never quite get around to. Suddenly, the opportunity is right there on your phone, and with advances in Virtual Reality, the experience is becoming increasingly atmospheric and authentic.

The same applies to sports betting. Practically every sports fan is tempted to put a small wager on his or her favourite team or event from time to time, whether it is to back a horse at the Grand National or the winner of the Super Bowl. But how many can be bothered to go out to a betting shop and actually do it?

The long and short of it is that the online casino and betting industry has simply tapped in to an existing market and made it quicker and easier for gamblers to indulge their hobby.

An international market

The other point worth bearing in mind is that the online casino sector has opened up a world of new possibilities to punters who like a wager but face constraints in their home country. The USA is a prime example. America has always had a strange kind of relationship with gambling. Nevada is a global mecca for gamblers, while in other states (Georgia and Utah spring to mind) gambling is prohibited.

However, even in those states, the law has nothing to say about using online casinos that are based overseas, meaning a world of opportunity for those who like a flutter and a huge new market for the online casino sites.

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