The Types of Licenses You May Need for Your Online Bingo Business

While the gaming industry is a very lucrative and exciting business, the gaming industry is hard to get into because of regulations. In every state in the U.S. and around the world, licensing is required in order to run a legitimate online bingo site. These rules surrounding these operations are enforced by several different state and federal agencies. No matter what type of license or licenses you need for a gaming business, you have to obtain them to stay in operation.

As an example, here’s what you may need if you wish to create an online bingo business. Note that this list may not have every license you need. Check with your state’s laws.

Non-Remote Bingo Operating Licenses – This type of licensing is granted to brick and mortar bingo operations that are physically located on a premise such as a bingo hall or casino that is open to the public. If your online bingo games offer remote access to players, you will also require an ancillary remote operating license, Premise licenses are also required for some temporary bingo operations that offer large cash prizes.

Separate licensing may also be required if you plan to serve alcohol on the premises of your bingo operation. There may or may not be application fees involved for this type of bingo operation licensing. Again, check with your local, state and federal licensing bodies to find out what is required to run your bingo game.

Remote Bingo Operating Licenses – If you plan on allowing players to access your online bingo site through the internet or to play bingo through a bingo terminal, remote television, radio, computer or a mobile device, this will require a remote bingo operating license. If you decide that your casino business will offer both remote and non-remote bingo games, separate licenses for each are almost always required. Some states refer to this type of license as a Remote Bingo Caller license and will require those calling bingo games to submit information about anyone with fiduciary, site management or is a bingo caller in connection with the operation.

Remote Bingo (Game Host) – If you are providing online bingo or access to bingo games through another operator’s platform, you will require a license that is specifically for remote games or bingo hosts. Even if your online bingo game is run through a host or provider that runs as a shell on a remote site, you will require a separate license from theirs for your operation.

Each of these gaming licenses will often require both application and annual fees. The amount of these fees will depend a great deal on the type of license and the size and gambling activities you are operating.

Because of the complexity and wide range of laws both nationally and internationally that surround the operation of a bingo game or a casino business, it is may be a good idea to seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in the operation of bingo games and casinos before attempting to open a gaming venue.

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