The Gaming Differences When You Switch To PC

I’m sure you’re all fed up of hearing people argue about PC and consoles. The differences between the two, in terms of power, aren’t that different these days. You can probably get a bit more power out of a PC but with the release of the new versions of the Xbox and PS4, those differences are negligible. We’re not here to argue about that today. Instead, we’re going to look into the differences in the actual gaming experience itself. If you’ve been swayed one way or another and you’re making a switch from console to PC, or vice versa, here are the differences that you can expect.




Mods are one of the major things that people point to when they’re championing the PC. The majority of console games don’t have mods on them, but the possibilities are pretty much endless with PC games. There are some pretty incredible ones out there, this Fallout 4 one is a personal favorite of mine. Some of the mods are for fun and some offer real legitimate gameplay additions. You can also get checks and hacks for use in online multiplayer. They do all sorts of things but one of the most popular ones that people use is an aim assist for first-person shooters. You can also get ones that will show all of the other players on the map. These are a bit of a cause of contention amongst gamers though. Some people think that it adds a bit of fun but the purists out there don’t like them.

Shopping For Games

I’m a console gamer but I’ve been considering switching over to PC for one simple reason, buying games. At the minute I buy most of my games second hand because they’re just so expensive to buy brand new, especially when they’ve just been released. This is kind of annoying because it means that I’m usually a few months behind with online multiplayer games by the time I get a copy, and you can really feel the difference when all the other players have unlocked the high level gear and you haven’t. PC gamers don’t have that issue as much because the games are generally cheaper on stores like Steam, and the prices drop a lot faster than console games. There are also regular sales where you can get great games for next to nothing.

Backward Compatibility

The one thing that I was really disappointed about when I got my PS4 was the lack of backward compatibility. I had loads of great PS3 games which were now useless since that console broke. On the PC, you can play the majority of games, regardless of how old. You’ll need to make some tweaks to the settings for ones that are particularly old but you should still be able to manage it. You can also download emulators for most old consoles and the games are easy to come by so with a PC you can play most of the games that you used to love.

There’s no right answer when it comes to PC vs console, it all comes down to personal preference, but these are the differences you can expect when you make the switch.

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