Xbox Store Listing Hilariously Advertises PlayStation 4 Products In The Description

The Xbox store listing for the demo of Just Dance 2018 has gone up, and the description of this listing advertises two PS4 products in the description. In the image below, you can see in the description that “The Just Dance 2018 Demo is also compatible with PS Move/PS Camera” which are the two PS4 products and obviously do not work on the Xbox One.

It looks like the person who approves the Xbox store listings had hilariously missed this one.


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  1. “Hilariously”

    • are you salty or something lool…? its deffo chuckleworthy

  2. Whoopdie-doo, This certainly wasnt worth the time it would have taken to set up the article, or my click, for that matter. As long as the fanboys enjoy it, i guess 😛 Keep looking for ways you can pat yourselves on the backs, while just rest of us just play games.

    • Good-God you Xberts are the biggest bunch of salt up the butt hurts. I give ya Hilariously is a little to strong of a world but it is funny. I’m sure Ubisoft supplies the description. Just relax.
      You make fans of Xbox and even gamers look so bad.

      • Is salty the word of the month? Trust me, its not that. We’re just amused by how much focus sony fanboys keep on everything xbox, just to feel better about themselves. As I already said, our focus is on gaming, not the two companies rivalry. I find that sad about the other guys 🙁

        • Ya no different from all the shit that was said about Sony. “Got no Games” PSVR shit, PS4 shit, Pro shit, games shit, dweeb machine etc, etc. All I’m sayin: Glass Houses, Glass Houses.
          In all honestly this is looking to be two of the best years ever in gaming in a row even!

          • Mate, Ill have a PS4 when i can spare it, but id prefer to upgrade to Xbox One X first. Its all about the games….and 4k!

          • Same here for XB1X, with Cuphead, Quantum Break, Gears 4, 4K Drive, almost ready to get one. But for now it’s all about games, so my backlog of games for the Pro/PSVR, plus what’s coming out this quarter and next! Just not enough time.

          • VR sounds cool. I had a Samsung VR for the phone. Horizon mostly why i want a PS4, but I also have a big list of older games I want to play. For now, the next month includes Middle-Earth, South Park, Mario Odyssey, AC Origins and the X1X console. Thank god I have 2 weeks off work at the end of October. Maybe next year for the PS4

          • Yup jumpin on Middle Earth tomorrow, never played the first, but new one looks really good. Wanna play now but have freelance job gotta finish! Ack!

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