Setting Up The Perfect Online Team


Whether you play DOTA, Overwatch, League of Legends, CS:GO, or any of the other competitive online games out there, there are few things more satisfying than playing as part of a team. Sure, a lot of themes games let you play on your own, but there’s just something special about coming together with other people to wipe the floor with the other side. Sure, sometimes you can get thrown into random matches, and you’re forced to come together for a single game, and that can be fun. But the very best way to play online is part of a well-oiled unit that can really make the most of each other’s skills. Of course, putting together the perfect online team isn’t always easy. However, no matter what game you’re playing, there are a few things that you should make sure to do.

Find the right people

Of course, if you want a great team then you’re going to need the right people. Sure, someone’s ability to play is going to be a factor but often those kinds of skills can be learned, and reflexes can be honed with practice. One thing that you can’t learn is the kind of dynamic and chemistry that you need to go from being a group to being a genuine team that can win matches time and time again. Of course, the best thing is to make your group out of people who are all friends, but you should also make sure that the people in your group are on the same wavelength and that everyone is willing to put in the kind of effort required to really give their all every time they play.

Assign roles/classes

When it comes to most team games, there’s a careful balance that must be struck in how the teams are constructed. The roles and classes that need to be taken on by various people are often pretty similar across most games. You’re going to have your DPS or damage per second characters, your tanks for taking heavy damage, the defence characters who can protect their teammates, and the healers who can patch up anyone on the team who gets hurt. Just about anyone who’s ever played a random online match knows what it’s like to find yourself on a team made up entirely of DPS characters because no one wants to take on the support roles. If you’re having trouble deciding who should play what roles, something like a random number generator or even the roll of the dice can be a great way to decide fairly. You might even want just to rotate who plays as what if people are having trouble deciding what to do. Of course, if you’ve got people with specific skills and they’re happy to focus on that area, then you’re already set!

Learn to communicate

One of the biggest differences between a bunch of people playing together and an actual team is the fact that a team knows how to communicate and a random group of players are often just running around like a bunch of headless chickens. Make sure that you’re listening to each other and taking advice when you need it. Don’t just do things that are best for you, make sure that everyone is making choices that are what’s best for the team. It’s the same as any sport or game if you’re not working together as a unit, then you’re never going to be able to, and you can’t work together unless you actually talk to each other.

Create a healthy environment

Online gaming, perhaps somewhat fairly, has a bit of reputation for being something of a toxic and unwelcoming environment. From the typical ranting and obscenities of Xbox Live to the kind of harsh, unfriendly atmosphere of a lot of CS:GO matches, it can be hard for new people to feel comfortable when they’re online. Make sure that you not only make everyone on your team feel welcome and safe at all times, but that you all treat any players that you come across with as much respect and fairness as you would like to be shown. Treating other players poorly can take any game and completely ruin it for everyone.

Things can get tough and pretty stressful when you’re playing together, especially at higher levels. But no matter what happens, never lose sight of the reason that you’re doing it. Because it’s something that you all enjoy and it gives you the chance to spend time in great company.

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